Zambia in Africa

In Zambia, Interfaith Cooperation works with local partners to support young women and men in promoting their democratic participation and in promoting their access to public services, including in particular health, infrastructure and urban planning.

Population: 16,445,079 million inhabitants (2018)

Proportion of population below the poverty line: 54.4% (2015)

Literacy: 63.4% (2015 estimate)

Life expectancy: Women 55.7 years. Men: 51.4 years. (2018)

Number of children per woman: 5.58 (2018)

GDP per capita: $ 4 – number 178 in the world. (2017)

Location measured by prosperity and development: Nr. 144 of 189 countries. (Human Development Index)

President: Edgar Lungu, since 2015

Sources: CIA World Fact Book and UN (Human Development Index)

According to a2zgov, Zambia is a constitutional democracy, but unfortunately many Zambians are still without democratic influence, and fundamental civil and political freedoms are under pressure, especially since the 2015 presidential election. . It is also reflected in a marginalization in relation to access to public services such as health and infrastructure and urban planning.


Democratic participation and youth representation 

Interfaith Cooperation supports ActionAid Zambia and local youth organizations in developing their movements and strategic alliances to increase young people’s representation in democratic political processes and institutions. It includes support to create democratic spaces for young people at local and national level and to support them in influencing and holding decision-makers accountable for improving health and infrastructure and urban planning. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke also has a campaign platform – Global Platform Zambia – where young activists from the region get tools and knowledge they can use in their fight for change.


The Interfaith Cooperation’s approach is based on international human rights, including that people have the right to a life free from poverty and to participate in public affairs. We focus on supporting people in organizing themselves to create progressive change in their society. Our methods include support for and collaboration on organizational development, new alliances, sustainable alternatives, information and campaigns, as well as documentation and analysis. In Zambia, we contribute with advice and inspirers and capacity building, among other things. via Global Platform Zambia, which supports the quality and creativity of young activists. At the same time, we are helping to build the capacity of ActionAid Zambia and their local partners so that they can run the work efficiently.


There is in Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes a basic idea about cooperation between people. In Zambia, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke collaborates directly with ActionAid Zambia and thereby with a number of their local partners. It ensures that the work in Zambia is locally driven and anchored, and it contributes to the results of the work being sustainable.

The work of Interfaith Cooperation in Zambia is supported by our members, Danida and the EU. This list shows how much money Danida gives to the Danish NGOs. Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke receives EU funding for the project EC-PANAF – The Africa We Want – which supports young people in creating a democratic development in African countries.

Zambia in Africa

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