Where to Go on Vacation in July

The middle of summer is vacation time. I really want to focus only on rest, get away from extraneous thoughts and prepare for the trip. Naturally, the question arises: where is it better to go on vacation in July abroad? There are many options for recreation, but you need to approach this issue, taking into account financial capabilities, tastes and preferences.

First of all, you need to study the weather conditions of the country where you are going to go. In the first half of July, you can visit Turkey, Singapore, the Seychelles, in Europe – Monte Carlo or the seaside resorts of France. In the second half of July, you can visit the resorts of Spain, Portugal and Greece.


The most popular holiday destination in July is Turkey. This is understandable, because at a low cost of tours, you will be provided with all the conditions for a comfortable stay. You can not only relax, but also admire the beautiful nature, go on excursions. Fascinating animation, competitions, discos, a variety of dishes, a separate menu for children will be provided at your service.

Spain, Canaries

It is hot in Spain at this time of the year, but the most favorable weather conditions are in Ibiza and the Canaries. The air temperature does not rise above +29 degrees. The water temperature is the same as the air temperature.


It is cooler in Portugal, the air temperature does not rise above +27 degrees, but the sea is cold – +20 degrees. For relaxation, it is better to choose the South coast of Portugal.

Crete, Greece

Due to the lower humidity, the heat in Cyprus and the resorts of Greece is easier to tolerate. The beaches of these resorts are considered the cleanest in the world. One of the largest resorts in Greece is the island of Crete. This is a heavenly place for lovers of water sports. There are a large number of teaching schools here.


According to topschoolsintheusa, holiday in Singapore is not only a beach, but also numerous excursions, a lot of entertainment, discos, water attractions. You will be impressed by the Empress Building, chic restaurants, Chinese and Indian temples for a long time.


Seychelles is called “earthly paradise”. Here nature is preserved in its original form. Each island is excellent in its own way. Endless sandy beaches, clear water in the ocean, real exotic – all this fascinates vacationers.

Monte Carlo

The picturesque landscapes of Mote Carlo, the azure water of the Mediterranean Sea attract tourists to this small town. July is the perfect month for choosing beach tours in Monte Carlo. The air temperature does not rise above +26 degrees. Pleasant sea breezes refresh vacationers.

If you still don’t know where to go abroad to relax in July, then I would like to say a few words about sightseeing holidays in July. This is an opportunity to go on a river or ocean cruise. You can make an exciting journey through the cities of Europe by choosing a trip along the Danube or Rhine rivers. This month the weather is beautiful in Scandinavia and the Baltics. There is no sweltering heat, warm weather is conducive to a comfortable stay.

In many countries, festivals and holidays are held in July. Therefore, when choosing a resort, check out the activities that you can attend. This will help diversify your holiday.

Where to Go on Vacation in July

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