Where to Buy Cream?

Are many recipes, especially the brazilian, which ask for the sour cream as an ingredient. However, to find out where to purchase this cream that looks like the cream, but it is not the same thing, can be challenging. You know, in this article, where to buy cream in Portugal, the difference of it to the whipped cream and the best recipes.

Where to Buy Cream 1

Before you seek where to purchase cream milk, you need to understand what is the sour cream. For some time, we were not able to realize that it was the cream, so famous in Brazil.

Cream milk or cream? Already had doubt if you could replace one for another in recipes? There are differences in the composition of these products in that refers to the amount of fat, and we have an article in particular for you to explain what is milk cream. After reading it, you will see that the recipes that call for sour cream may not get the same result if you use the cream.

Even if you know that is a product similar to cream, it is perfectly normal to have the curiosity to discover the real differences, in terms of texture, the results, and even in the own flavor. If you never try, you never know if corresponds, in fact, the cream that we consume in Portuguese lands.

The truth is: it is not easy to find out where to buy cream in Portugal, but we have researched and managed to find some where you can buy this product.

Where to Buy Cream 2


It is possible to find the cream in stores in Portugal or online. There is a version that is not produced in Brazil, but this is the same product, which makes it easier to find and use to get the same taste and texture on the brazilian recipes that you want to try.


The cream that is in the Jumbo hypermarkets is not produced in Brazil, but it is the same product imported, the Nestlé brand. In addition to be able to buy in physical stores, you can also order online through the store’s website.

Look in the “candy pre-prepared and other” and you will find your desired cream.


In the online shop Glood, it is possible to find the cream of choice for brazilians, the Nestlé brand

The Glood work as a grocery store online, where you will find products with origin in several countries. You only need to place your order and the cream and beat him to the door when you least expect it!


In Lisbon the store Made in Brazil has an immense variety of products, typical brazilian, among which is the cream of the milk. There is the version that is actually sold in Brazil, and another that comes from the Netherlands, but the product is the same, of Nestlé.

Where to Buy Cream 3


In the House Januarius, which is located in the centre of Porto and also does online orders, the option of cream of milk is imported, the Nestlé brand, in a package of 170 grams, but the composition is the same as the brazilian option.


In the Market Brazil Tropical, a store that also specializes in brazilian products, is the version of the cream of the traditional milk for sale in Brazil, the same that is there produced. The shop has a home in Brooks, Odivelas, Cascais, Vila Franca de Xira and Porto.


Shop Brazil Online is not a store with fixed abode, but the purchase of the cream of Brazil can be made to order through the store page on Facebook. It is a viable option for when you want to buy a larger amount of products to try

After buying sour cream and draw your own conclusions, if it matches the same to the cream or not, you can still make a version of cream of milk home to have one more option to try.