WhatsApp Tea Will Stop Sending Documents in ZIP and Contacts to VCF

WhatsApp has gradually been increasing the type of files that you can share with your friends. Move photos and videos to the documents It has taken enough (finally arrived at the beginning of last month) but it seems that once opened the veda of the documents the rules are somewhat more relaxed.

For now, WhatsApp only allows you to send PDF files, Although it is expected that in the near future the list extends to classic Office DOCX, XSLX, and PPTX formats. However, if we trust the last capture of the translation Centre for WhatsApp, it is possible that the list is follow expanding beyond the documents properly sayings, to include at least ZIP files and contact lists in VCF.

The track, in a screenshot

This information is based, like so many other times, WhatsApp translation portal. There, in addition to display text strings so that users can vote and add translations in your language, frequently include screenshots to illustrate the context in which is located the text being translated.

In this case concrete, the screenshot is connected with the word “Documents” and shows exactly that, the first selection window that appears when you try to send a document. While your mobile this window shows you only PDF (if you have one on your mobile) in this screenshot is also appreciated two ZIP files and a sheet of VCF contacts.

Until emotions you too thinking of using WhatsApp to send everything, remember that it is possible that the screenshot is just a sketch or mock-up and not a prediction of future functions. The truth is that WhatsApp is being now very cautious in what type of files will let you send, open the door very slowly.