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At the beginning of the entire planning phase, I spent a long time grappling with the question of which university was the right choice for me. The MicroEDU team advised and supported me very well. After much deliberation, the University of Melbourne was chosen for various reasons. With the concrete organization, that is together Search of papers, language test, etc. I started a good six months in advance (summer 2018). It would of course be advisable to start a little earlier, but everything went well in terms of time. Also throughout the application process, the team was of MicroEDU is extremely helpful and has saved me a lot of effort and stress, so that the organization is by and large manageable.

Small disadvantage of the University of Melbourne is that it takes a long time to get an answer. I submitted my application in mid-October and the acceptance came in early December. In view of the fact that the semester in February starts rather tightly, but sufficient to apply for a visa, book flights and look for accommodation. I only got a little nervous when the majority of my courses, which I had submitted in advance on the wish list, were rejected and I had nowhere near reached the required credit points. However, in retrospect, this turned out to be unproblematic, since one can add courses in the first two weeks of the semester. The university staff looked after you very well. Many courses, for which I was originally rejected because they are probably not available for Study Abroad students, I was able to take with the consent of the respective professor.


You can register for the “ Student Accommodation Program ” in Melbourne and, as far as I know, get a room in one of the many accommodations relatively easily. The advantage of this is that these are well located and also fairly new and well equipped (at least the ones I’ve seen inside). However, these are also very expensive and therefore out of the question for me. I also had the impression that the proportion of international students in the dormitories is very high, but that there are hardly any Australians to be found. I found about the “online noticeboard ”of the university already found a flat share in Brunswick West from Germany. The fact that I had clarified the subject of accommodation before I arrived in Australia saved me a bit of stress and work in the first few weeks, but after a few weeks I noticed that the location of the shared apartment was not ideal for me. Maybe it’s better to accept the stress and search on site, because then you simply get a better impression of the location and apartment. Ideally, one looks for a flat share in the districts of Carlton, North Carlton, Fitzroy or Brunswick East.

The University

Above all, I ultimately decided on the University of Melbourne because of its good location in the city center and its varied and interesting range of courses. Because of the greater specialization in the master’s degree, it was not so easy to find enough courses that were in my field of interest. I found the courses offered by the University of Melbourne in the field of chemistry of all the universities that I’ve looked at (and there were many) on interessantesten and versatile. I can say about the courses that they are comparable in level were with my elective courses in Germany and for the most part also interesting and well conveyed by the professors. During the semester I had some graded homework and smaller tests, which were absolutely feasible in terms of effort and difficulty. The exams at the end of the semester were also very fair and well graded, so that I was able to achieve very good grades with little effort.

Also know as UM by AbbreviationFinder, the University of Melbourne is a campus university, which I find very practical because everything is close together and you can also meet friends from other courses, for example for lunch. The campus itself offers plenty of coffee and dining options. In addition, many activities and events are offered on campus, such as markets, “free barbecues” or even live music. The university also has a huge selection of sports and social clubs, so there is something for everyone. There is also a fitness studio with a swimming pool on campus, but it is not cheap. The university has an excellent reputation as one of, if not the best, universities in the country, but it is also one of the most expensive. Overall, I felt very comfortable at the University of Melbourne, as professors and staff were always very friendly and helpful and there was a contact person for every problem.

City, country and people

Melbourne is a vibrant metropolis and probably the best city in Australia for young people, because the cultural offer is large and varied. It definitely never gets boring here and there is something new to discover in every part of the city. I think what makes the “vibe” of the city special for me is its internationality and the mostly open and friendly coexistence of its residents from different cultures. In general, the people of Melbourne are very friendly, helpful and in a good mood, which made it easier for me to settle in Melbourne. The weather alone can sometimes put a strain on the mind, as it can be gray and rainy in winter.

There are so many things to do around Melbourne, too, perfect for weekend getaways to leave the big city behind. Just a few of the many examples are the Great Ocean Road, Phillip Island or the Wilsons Promontory National Park, and beautiful Tasmania can also be reached with a short flight. After the semester, I traveled through Australia by bus for a few more weeks, which was an incredible experience, because the nature of Australia is unparalleled and beautiful. I also got to know a lot of nice people from all over the world while traveling through Australiado. If you are already “close by”, the trip to Australia can also be combined very well with a trip to New Zealand or Asia.


I had an unforgettable six months in Australia and I am very happy that I decided to go to Australia after a lot of thinking back and forth. Melbourne is the perfect starting point to explore this beautiful country. Finally, a big thank you to the MicroEDU team, who have been of great help to me during the entire period.

University of Melbourne Study Abroad

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