University Accommodation for Studying in New Zealand

For a study visit to New Zealand, the island state becomes a temporary home for many international students. In addition to making new friends, this naturally also includes accommodation where you can relax while studying at the other end of the world. Searching for and finding suitable accommodation is therefore part of the practical preparation for a semester abroad , master’s degree or a summer session in New Zealand.

There are several accommodation options for international students while studying in New Zealand :

  • Dormitory
  • Apartment on campus
  • Guest families
  • Private apartments

After applying to a New Zealand university, the search for suitable accommodation for studying in New Zealand can begin. The availability and costs of living space vary greatly depending on the region, type of living and furnishings . Due to the large number of universities, some universities even accept applications for a place to live before admission to study in New Zealand .

The quoted rental costs for private accommodation in New Zealand are typically the weekly price for accommodation. This usually does not include additional costs such as electricity or internet. In addition, a deposit is often required. Applicants should definitely plan the rental and ancillary costs incurred to finance studying abroad, including living expenses.

Regardless of whether students opt for university accommodation or a private apartment while studying in New Zealand, the local universities are happy to help with the search . As part of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students , they are obliged to provide adequate accommodation for their international students.

University accommodation for studying in New Zealand

Students who book accommodation through the university often have the choice between a room in a student residence or an apartment. Not all forms of housing are available on every campus, and universities usually accommodate their students according to graduate or undergraduate status.

We recommend that you apply early to get a place , as universities allocate most rooms in February at the start of the New Zealand academic year . A minimum rental period of six months often makes things more difficult.

Student residences in New Zealand

A room in a student residence in New Zealand is usually a kind of all-inclusive package and is especially recommended for first-year students. The so-called Halls of Residence are mostly on campus or connected by a shuttle and offer extensive equipment and support. This allows the newcomers to concentrate on their studies in peace.

Students live alone or in groups in furnished rooms including cleaning. Often there is the optional possibility of catering in the communal dining room. For common activities, which are often planned by the universities, the residents meet in the common rooms, for example.

If you have any questions or problems, the students contact employees on site and a security service ensures the security of the system.

Apartment on campus in New Zealand

Students in higher semesters prefer shared apartments in on- and off-campus apartments . Two to six students live in so-called student flats or self-catered apartments in a house or apartment at the New Zealand university. It happens that fellow students share a room.

The shared apartments at New Zealand universities are usually more international than the student residences. Kiwis often live as hosts in the shared apartments and the university provides students with a contact person for problems and questions. This Residential Advisor can also be a roommate and fellow student of the international students. Usually the residents share the living and dining area as well as the bathroom. The living rooms are mostly furnished . The students take care of their own food and cleaning of the rooms.

In addition to the shared apartments, there are also studios as accommodation while studying in New Zealand. These are apartments for one person. Some universities have a certain contingent of apartments for families and couples .

Cost of rooms and apartments at New Zealand universities

Depending on the location, facilities and service , the costs for accommodation at New Zealand universities vary greatly. 1-room apartments are usually significantly more expensive than shared apartments. Student dormitories also cost more, mainly due to the extensive support provided to the students.

The price range for university accommodation is between NZ $ 700 and NZ $ 1,400 per month . Internet costs are not always included in the price and bed linen can be purchased as an option. A deposit is often required for the apartments. In addition, there is often an administration fee and a resident’s association fee .

Many New Zealand universities pick up international students from the airport or train station at no additional cost and take them straight to their new accommodation. Washing machines for general use are also available. The dormitories and apartments are usually within walking distance of the campus, so travel costs rarely arise. Often they are also well connected to the respective city.

In addition to the tuition fees, international students pay the costs for accommodation through the university in advance of the semester or trimester. You will find a lot of information about the equipment and service of the respective accommodation at the universities in the field reports from New Zealand .

Some New Zealand universities operate accommodation through the private provider Campus Living Villages. This network enables students to stay overnight with partners worldwide at the beginning or end of the semester and for up to two weeks free of charge.

Advantages and disadvantages of university accommodation in New Zealand

advantages disadvantage
Ideal for making contacts quickly and getting to know fellow students Rather little privacy
In the immediate vicinity of the lecture rooms Comparatively expensive, especially with a meal allowance
Contact persons for questions and problems are nearby and are part of the university’s range of services Danger of only being on campus
An all-round carefree package for furnishing the rooms and apartments (furnished rooms, washing machines and dryers) Different needs of the residents regarding cleaning, order, volume etc. can lead to problems
There is no need to search for accommodation Sometimes a minimum stay of six months
Getting to know different cultures and lifestyles Feeling of surveillance as rooms can also be controlled
Time-saving, as there is no need to cook or partially clean the rooms Early application necessary due to the high demand
No additional costs for buying furniture or driving to campus Residents must adhere to certain rules and regulations
Safe arrival with pick-up at the airport, train station or port
Safe environment

Student residences in New Zealand

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