The Waves of Siargao

Eat, sleep, surf – Siargao is a wave-loving paradise, but it’s also easy to fall in love with the island from the beach. Siargao Island, located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, is more than a surfer’s paradise island. Siargao’s relaxed island life attracts holidaymakers looking for a getaway from everyday life.


Forget the rush

With around 200,000 inhabitants, Siargao has a charming atmosphere: the remote island has retained its local color and unhurried atmosphere. Australian, European and American surfers visiting the island merge into the crowd like locals, and many have even wanted to move to the island.

Located on the eastern edge of the Philippines in Mindanao Province, Siargao is like Bali before tourists: tropical nature, white sand beaches and a slow life where the wildest pace gets in the waves.

Cloud 9 is a popular attraction especially for those interested in surfing.

Cloud 9 is a popular attraction

The best waves of the rest of the year

When leaving Siargao, you should not rely too much on the weather forecasts of the rest of the country, as the climate in Siargao differs somewhat from the weather conditions in Manila and Cebu .

Siargao has tropical weather, and regardless of the season, temperatures remain between 25 and 30 degrees. The best time to travel is usually from February to October. The island is located on the northeast monsoon route, so the wettest months are from December to March, while the driest season is from June to September. However, showers do not usually interfere with travel, as rains run across the island quickly.

Surfing in Siargao is possible all year round, but the best waves depend on the location. The popular Cloud 9 beach is at its best from September to November, when the waves rise high. Good places can also be found in the Pilar area.

More than just waves

In addition to surfing, Siargao offers island jumping, deep-sea fishing, diving, snorkelling and nature hiking. Lounging in a hammock is also a typical activity on the island, as the relaxed atmosphere simply invites you to relax.

Although Dapa on the south shore is the capital of Siargao, from the tourist’s point of view, General Luna in the southeast corner of the island is the most interesting place to stay. General Luna is located right next to Cloud 9 and other surfing spots, so an international atmosphere, a lively nightlife and a relaxed holiday atmosphere are guaranteed.

In terms of price level, Siargao is an affordable island for Finns, as eating and staying is cheap.

As elsewhere in the Philippines, unauthorized smoking in public places is prohibited under penalty of a fine. Although it is less likely to be fined in Siargao than in cities, it is worth looking for the nearest smoking area for smoking.



From the main island you can go jumping to smaller islands.

Get through the big cities

There are no direct flights from Finland to the Philippines. Siargao has the most direct flights via either the Philippine capital Manila or the second city Cebu.

The cheapest flights to the largest cities in the Philippines are around € 500-600, and often the connecting flight has to be booked separately, as some airlines only sell tickets on the airlines’ own pages. Siargao is served by Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines, among others.

Flights with exchanges often take more than 20 hours, so it is advisable to book two days.

Affordable accommodation

Siargao is particularly popular with backpackers and surfers who live on the island for a long time, as you can get a room at the cheapest price of a few dozen. A budget traveler should also check the prices of home accommodation, for example, from the Airbnb rental service.

However, Siargao is not only a destination for the budget traveler, as the island also offers more upscale hotel accommodation. However, 5-star hotels are sparse, so Siargao is not a real luxury destination.

Two, three or four wheels below

Getting around Siargao can be an experience in itself, as the island has a few different options for getting around. Traditional Philippine-style jeepney buses in the Philippines run on the busiest routes from Dapa to General Luna, for example. However, an agile vehicle is probably a habal-habal , i.e., a motorcycle large enough to carry more passengers. Tricycles can also be used on the island, but they are slower than habal hababs.

Price is often preferred EUR 3-4 half hour route, although the value varies driver and time. The price should be negotiated with the driver.

A good option is also to rent your own two- or three-wheeler, especially if you have your own surfboard. One of the websites that rent vehicles is Binggo, which rents three-wheeled tuk- supports .

In many cases, a good option is also to hop on a boat, as many attractions are organized by boat trips.



The Magpupungko tidal pool is only available during low tide.

Cloud 9

Cloud 9 is an attraction for beginners rather than an actual surfing spot, as its handsome waves are only for skilled surfers. Cloud 9 is the best place on the island to watch top surfers on the waves.

Cloud 9 also hosts international competitions as it ranks among the top ten surfing spots in the world.

However, if you’re traveling to Siargao for waves suitable for a beginner, you might want to head to the more beginner-friendly surfing spots of Jacking Horses, Guiuan or Quicksilver.

Magpupungko tidal pool

For nature tourists, the Magpupungko tidal pool is a good day trip destination from General Luna. The clear-water natural pool appears during low tide, when you should go snorkeling or relaxing, for example. The magpupungko is located in the Pilar area on the eastern shore of Siargao.

From General Luna, the tidal pool can be reached either by car or by boat trip lasting half an hour.

Sugban lagoon

In Del Carmen, on the west coast of the island, lies a sheltered paradise called Sugba Lagoon. The sheltered bay, which has become popular with tourists, is a particular favorite for swimmers, paddlers and snorkelers.

Due to its increased popularity, the lagoon is feared to suffer from environmental damage, which is why it is closed annually for cleaning and maintenance work. If you’re traveling early in the year, it’s a good idea to check the lagoon’s maintenance time before the trip.

Going to the Sugba Lagoon, you also have the opportunity to see the mangroves that are typical of the area.

Island jumping

Island jumping is a popular activity in Siargao. Boat rides are available from many locations, but one of the easiest day trips departs right near General Luna. The excursion will take you to the island of Guyam, filled with palm and white beaches, the sandy island of Naked Island and Dako Island, one of the largest islands on the beach.



The island of Guyam is a good island jumping destination from Siargao. The island has also been made a few Shooting Venues for the most avid Instagram photographers.

The best activities

  1. Surfing
  2. Relaxation
  3. Island jumping
  4. Diving
  5. Deep sea fishing

The best attractions

  1. Cloud Nine
  2. Sugban lagoon
  3. Magpupungko tidal pool
  4. General Luna
  5. Islands: Guyam, Naked Island and Dako

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