The Harlem Renaissance, New York

One of the most intellectual and artistic trends in American history is the Harlem Renaissance of the 1990s. This movement influenced art, music and literature in such a way that it changed American culture forever. Today we can still enjoy this in the form of the improvisation-based music style jazz. The fact that jazz had an enormous influence on America can still be seen in many museums and events and we are therefore happy to take you to a number of American jazz venues.

Swinging at Minton’s Playhouse

According to Bittranslators, the swinging jazz club and bar Minton’s Playhouse is located on the first floor of the Cecil Hotel in New York City. The Playhouse was founded in 1938 by saxophonist Henry Minton. Since the 1940s, the club has been known for its swinging jam sessions that played an important role in the development of modern jazz. Today the jam sessions have been replaced by performances by major acts, but you can still enjoy this wonderful music in the atmospherically lit Minton’s Place.

Paris Blues Jazz Club

Seven days a week you can enjoy free live jazz music in the Harlem neighborhood. The Paris Blues Jazz Club has had the same owner since 1969. In his club, where jazz is central, he has created an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Moreover, you can enjoy free snacks and attractively priced drinks here. The tones of the saxophone, trombone and bass guitar make sitting still difficult.

Bill’s Place

Bill’s Place is also an intimate place where you are almost on stage with the musicians. Moreover, you can make a cheap trip here because you can bring your own food and drinks. For $20 (almost €18) you can listen to the passionate, soulful and cheerful music of various musicians.

Ginny’s Supper Club

Ginny’s Supper Club is a busy and cozy jazz club with atmospheric lighting where legendary jazz is combined with dishes from the world cuisine of award-winning chef Marcus Samuelsson. A delicious breakfast and tasty brunch are served here on Sunday morning, while enjoying Gospel music from a youth choir. It is also possible to rent the club in its entirety for parties.

Visit the National Jazz Museum

Harlem is home to the National Jazz Museum, a museum that you can easily get to with your New York City rental car. It is a vibrant center for jazz, stimulating the heart and mind and trying to introduce different audiences to the world of jazz. It is a small museum dedicated to preserving and celebrating the history of jazz in Harlem. The museum contains a collection of nearly 1,000 discs from radio broadcasts recorded in the swinging 1930s, as well as instruments such as a saxophone and piano.

That jazz has had a great influence on American culture and music can still be seen in all corners of Harlem. Are you a fan of jazz? Then you really should visit here to experience the atmosphere in person.

New York City’s Laguardia Airport

New York, the city that never sleeps. New York has three major airports. One is New York City Laguardia Airport. It is located on the eastern side of the city, 40 minutes east of New York by car. It is New York’s third largest commercial airport and flies mainly within the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. In 2011, the airport had 365,870 flights and 24,122,478 passengers.

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East Hampton Airport

East Hampton is the complete opposite of nearby New York. It is an oasis of peace and quiet, completely surrounded by greenery and the sea. It is therefore the perfect place for a quiet holiday at the beach. If you rent a car, it is also perfect for a day in New York, or even to see Upstate New York. It is possible to rent a house in East Hampton in nature and tranquility. This is something different from a hotel room and therefore highly recommended.

To find a piece of the Netherlands in the city, you can go to Hook Windmill. It is a historic windmill that was built in 1806. It was used for a century and is now part of the National Register of Historic Places in East Hampton. It is open to visitors daily. The mill is located in the North Main Street Historic District, where a cemetery and church can be admired in addition to the mill.

East Hampton Airport

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