Tanzania Children and School

Do the children in Tanzania have to go to school?

The school system in Tanzania is very similar to that in England. In Tanzania there is a pre-school for children aged five to six, but this is not compulsory for all children. Children then go to elementary school in Tanzania for seven years and start school when they are seven. This school visit is also compulsory for the children.

Secondary school follows primary school

After primary school, there is a secondary school that lasts four years and is divided into two years. But this school costs money. Money that many families simply do not have and therefore they no longer send their children to school.

Sometimes the children earn the money for school themselves. That is not so easy, because the earnings are low for adults and even lower for children. The school uniforms – as you can see in the photo – also cost money.

Everyday school life in Tanzania

Everyday school life in Tanzania usually starts at 8 a.m. and ends between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. The children learn English, Kiswahili, math, but also history and geography. It’s not that different from us. After class there is often sport or music. Sounds pretty good, but the schools are often not well equipped so that the children really get good lessons.

Often they sit on the floor in classes that are too big and there are no teachers. There is also a lack of books and other things that children need in school. But there are also schools that are better equipped. Often these are private schools, which then also cost more money. But many organizations support school projects in Tanzania so that these schools are better equipped and the children receive good instruction.

All children should go to school

The government’s goal is that more and more children should attend secondary school after primary school. There are ambitious plans here. But many who are familiar with it question whether these can be implemented. There are also big differences between schools in the city and in the country in Tanzania, a country located in Africa according to elaineqho.

Girls in particular are often not allowed to attend secondary schools. This particularly affects girls from families who are not settled. They usually get married very early, because when they are older, the chances of finding a husband decrease. This is why many people in Tanzania are still unable to write and read.

Tanzania Children

Questions and answers

Do Tanzanians travel to their national parks?

Perhaps you’ve heard of Tanzania before. The country is particularly famous for its animals that live in the Serengeti National Park. This is probably the most famous national park in Africa, although there is a lot more there.

The people who live in Tanzania, however, often do not even know their national parks and many have never seen an elephant or lion in their entire life. Those who live in Tanzania don’t just travel around like the many tourists who visit the country. If the Tanzanians go on a long journey, it is at most to a family celebration or if they go to vote and live far away from the place of choice.

How do the people of Tanzania greet each other?

While here with us people usually pass each other without greeting, it is often different in Africa. The people greet each other with “Takwenya! “which means “Hello, how are you?” means. Then you could answer “Iiko.” – “Hello, good.”

Most of the time, a lot is told too, you tell where you’re from and where you’re going. In many areas there is no electricity, so there is no radio or television. So people need to exchange the important news in a different way.

Where do people live in Tanzania?

That is of course very different. In Tanzania, most of the children live with their parents in simple huts made of mud that are covered with thatched roofs. If you have a little more money, you can buy a brick house with a corrugated iron roof.

The Maasai live in a boma, which is a fenced yard. This includes various huts and stables, sometimes larger houses. The whole family then lives here. The animals that live with people are always very important. The animals are the Maasai’s most important wealth.

Living in the city

In the cities, many people also live in real houses. Who can afford it even in very beautiful houses. But even in the city there are many residential areas in which people live in huts made of corrugated iron that they have built themselves somehow.

Water for africa

In the following video you can see how a common effort is made to build a well for the water supply in Tanzania. The film was shot in a time lapse. So the images are much faster than in reality. But it’s fun to watch how such a project comes about through the cooperation of many.

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