T-Shirt with Sleeves Folded, Detail that Makes the Difference!

Talk TIME, everything okay with you?:) Some people have asked me to talk about this subject and I had not spoken yet, but it’s here! The “art” of folding the sleeve of your Shirt and thesmall detail that makes a big difference in visual! Bora pro post be inspired!

The Tip to bend the sleeve of the t-shirt it’s nothing new, but it’s a detail that makes a big difference in visual, both for those who are watching, as to who is using!

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Usually in the modeling pattern we found around the sleeves of the Jerseys of “short sleeve” are large and/or wide, what particularly made me very angry! For many it may not bother you, but once I started put some folds in my sleeves, never ran out.

Some Good Points To Bend The Short Sleeve:

You can adjust the sleeve length to a size that makes you comfortable, usually I double the sleeve of my shirts to be more or less 5 fingers above the elbow, plus or minus 2 or 3 folds.

In addition to the issue of length, folding the sleeve of your t-shirt you can limit the width, the modeling of the manga does not look like a “Bell” on your arm so large!

It’s also a good tip for if you think your arm too thin, let the length of the sleeve at elbow height with a wide sleeve increases the impression that your arm is more “skinny”.

With the sleeve folded the shirt in one shape General much more cool to wear, to my view, especially if she is already more slim on the sides of the trunk.

In short TIME, below I put some pictures of a crowd wearing short-sleeved T-shirt with sleeves Folded, to inspire you!