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The daily newspaper, the latest bestseller or magazines – we hold a print product in hand almost every day. What is not immediately obvious: The production of these media has changed significantly in recent years . Individual work steps such as typesetting and photo printing used to be carried out by hand by specially trained specialists. Today they are carried out almost entirely digitally.

Print and media technology in the digital age

In the course of this development, the job profiles in the field of printing technology have changed significantly. The engineers of printing and media technology have taken the place of typesetters or printers . They specialize in the new technologies.

What is the engineering degree course in printing and media technology about?

Almost ten universities in Germany offer the printing and media technology course. The interest in the media and print industry as well as a certain affinity for technology and the internet are elementary for the course.

As in all engineering courses, you shouldn’t have a problem with subjects like math , physics or chemistry . At the latest in the master’s degree , English skills are also important, as some of the courses are held in English and there is a lot of English-language specialist literature .

Technology and practice in the study of printing and media technology

According to Lawschoolsinusa, the degree in printing and media technology is primarily an engineering degree. The focus is not on the design, but on the technical know-how that is required today for the production of electronic media and print media.

The bachelor’s degree

In the first semesters, subjects such as math, physics and chemistry are on the schedule. But engineering subjects such as control or electrical engineering and, of course, computer science are also part of it. In the further course of their studies, students get to know the various stages of the printing process and different printing processes .

Here then are creative and business fundamentals of the curriculum. As a rule, students can specialize in the higher semesters. For example, on a certain phase of the printing process, such as prepress, or a certain form of media such as digital media.

The master’s degree

If you want to work at management level later , you can add a master’s degree to the bachelor’s degree. In the master’s degree, the knowledge from the bachelor’s degree is deepened and the students have the opportunity to specialize even further. For example, on the new media or on non-technical topics such as business administration and management .

From production to the finished print

Graduates in printing and media technology can look forward to excellent career opportunities and relatively high starting salaries. You are responsible for the technical implementation of texts and images in print products, websites or apps . Classic employers are:

  • Printing and publishing houses
  • Associations
  • Advertising agencies

Print and media technicians, for example, coordinate the various work steps in the printing process and ensure that it runs smoothly from a technical perspective. Print and media technicians often take on managerial functions, for example in project management , management or controlling. Advisory activities at consulting companies or a scientific career are also possible.

Media and print design worldwide

Anyone who would like to gain international experience and thus valuable additional qualifications during their studies should consider a semester abroad or even an entire degree abroad. This offers the unique opportunity to get to know another country and its culture intensively. Almost on the side, you collect intercultural skills and improve your foreign language skills, which are becoming increasingly important in your studies and professional life.

Study Print And Media Technology

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