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Summer School: Why?

I found out about ways to bridge the time between high school and university in a meaningful way on the Internet. It was clear to me from the start that it should be a stay abroad, ideally in England. On the one hand, I wanted to get to know the country and its people better, make new friends and of course make a profit from it linguistically. At that time I did not know that I all this in the Summer School of the ” University of Newcastle would find.”

In the course of my research, I soon came across the MicroEDU website, where it is very well presented and described which country reveals which advantages; Not only for a summer school, but also for a semester abroad, you are looked after very friendly and competently and given detailed advice on all issues. MicroEDU works as a free intermediary between university and student in Spe. I can only recommend everyone to let this institution do the planning because I faced some difficulties myself in the course of my application and MicroEDU took care of everything so that nothing stood in the way of my studies.

The city: Newcastle

I arrived in Newcastle two days before the start of my studies and immediately made friends with whom I still have close contact to this day. We decided to do a “pub crawl” (in German: bar tour), for which Newcastle is really predestined and known throughout the country. The people in Newcastle are exceptionally friendly and everyone is welcomed warmly. Anyone who has ever experienced a Saturday in Newcastle never wants to go anywhere else: there are friendly people everywhere, the streets are lined with people and there are countless clubs and options for evening entertainment. Fun factor: 100%!

With almost 300,000 inhabitants, the city itself is not overcrowded, but neither is it deserted. In addition to the many pubs and clubs in the evening, it is worth visiting the Millennium Bridge, the Newcastle landmark that connects Newcastle with Gateshead across the River Tyne. A visit to the “Baltic Center of Contemporary Art”, which is located right next to the Millennium Bridge and offers not only modern art, but also very good food, is also worthwhile. The “Sage Gateshead”, where concerts take place regularly, is not only a visual highlight.

Accommodation: Castle Leazes Halls of Residence

The main building houses a computer room, two TV rooms and several coffee and food machines. From there it goes into an open-air atrium, in which smoking is allowed. The accommodation itself is housed in three high-rise buildings, each with six floors, which admittedly are not a feast for the eyes and are more reminiscent of 1960s buildings. The rooms are very small with a bed, a shelf, a desk with internet access and a tiny room with a mirror, sink and bathroom in it. The bed lacks comfort, but is reasonable. The bathtub, shower and two toilets are on each floor and must be shared. An early toilet flush, asbestos-containing cisterns and a cleaning lady who only comes once a week lack comfort. Another drawback are the noisy rooms. Just like the bathroom, a kitchen is shared, but not as badly equipped as you might think. Only cutlery and plates are in short supply, In addition, the desire to do the dishes is sometimes limited. Occasionally, the university will provide food and drink on certain occasions, but most of the time you have to cater for yourself or go out to eat.

Of course

My choice first fell on the medicine course, but after this and a few others were surprisingly canceled, I decided on the ” Doing Business in Europe” course. Mainly topics such as marketing, company formation, Europe and company- relevant environmental policy were dealt with. The level wasn’t too difficult and the speakers were thoroughly experienced and their content was interesting. We were accommodated in the brand new “Business School” building in a small, bright room. Everything is new and modern, and that refreshing feeling spreads over everyone.

Our lessons started at half past ten and continued until around half past ten, where there was a coffee and tea break from the top floor of the “Business School”, from where you have a good view of Newcastle United’s stadium, the “St. James Park “, has. This was followed by another hour of lessons until about one o’clock, after which we were able to have our lunch.

Our final task consisted of a 15-minute presentation of a business idea that we had to work out ourselves in group work. Other courses had much more extensive tasks, such as thinking up multi-page poems with associated interpretation. But thanks to unrestricted access to the huge library, it’s only half as difficult.

The program also includes excursions, such as a tour of the “Baltic Company” by its managing director, during which the rentable business premises and the restaurant with its business aspects are the topic.

In addition, there is a morning lecture almost every morning if there is no day trip. There, various lecturers gave us lectures on various current topics.

The free time

According to mcat-test-centers, the program offers a multitude of design options: Those who want to take it easy can spend the evening in the common room or go to a karaoke bar or pub, and those who want more action can go to one of the many clubs.

It is an 18-minute walk from the accommodation to the city center. There are all kinds of shops in the city ​​center. If you want to spend lunch on the beach, it is worth taking the subway.

The so-called “Social Program”, which offers many different activities, such as a quay party on the river, a trip to the beach, a sports evening, etc., always ensures activity.


Ultimately, I can only recommend everyone to take part in the summer school. Some of the accommodations are a bit sparse, but they serve their purpose. The mixed bouquet of lectures, day trips, parties and “social events” makes Newcastle an unforgettable experience. I will definitely return to Newcastle one day, because once you’ve been there, Newcastle won’t let go of you anytime soon.

Study in Newcastle University 7

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