Study in Newcastle University (3)

The application

The idea to register for the Summer School in Newcastle came to me while browsing through Immediately after I requested the documents, I was given great care. The online application guide is clear and very helpful, and I was able to contact MicroEDU staff directly at any time. They helped me immediately with my problem with paying the tuition fees ! MicroEDU reviewed and forwarded my records. After paying and submitting the documents, I received all the information by email and felt super prepared for studying in Newcastle. By the way, I don’t have a TOEFL test or something similar and was allowed anyway. Alternative language certificates are also sufficient if, for example, someone has already been abroad or is studying English.

The University

The Newcastle University is an old English university as it appears in the book. It has a beautiful old campus with parks, bistros and cafes. The library is huge and leaves nothing to be desired.

The dorm

The rooms are functional and small, and the beds take getting used to. All in all, it’s enough, just don’t think about the utopian costs.

You share an apartment with six people, ie 3 rooms with 2 bathrooms (shower and toilet separate) are connected by a communal kitchen (incl. TV and armchairs). There is also the option of booking en suite rooms for a corresponding surcharge.

You have to cater for yourself. That is difficult, especially during the acclimatization phase, as you have a lot to do and then usually eat in the bistro. Unfortunately there is no cafeteria, so you have to eat outside. Groceries are generally rather expensive in England.

Of course

I took the history course and was really positively surprised by the level and the material. The course was very intensive and the daily preparation should not be underestimated. But since you have up to two weeks after the end of the program to submit your assignment, you can still enjoy the time sufficiently. There are also excursions beyond the seminars. In the history course we made an excursion to historical sites over two days. As far as I know, course-relevant excursions were also made in the other courses.

Every morning there is also a morning lecture for all participants in the summer school. These lectures are given by different lecturers and on different topics (history, medicine, archeology, politics, journalism etc.). Field trips with all participants of the summer school were made every Wednesday.

You only take one course during the summer school, but it is very time-consuming and intensive. The courses last 3 hours a day plus 1 hour morning lecture and preparation or follow-up. It depends on you how much you cooperate. However, since the courses are kept very small (no more than 15, often less than 10), it is advisable to take part. You don’t have to buy books, everything is provided or is available in the library.

The staff

You feel incredibly welcome and in good hands. As soon as you arrive you will be welcomed and instructed by a member of the summer school organization. There are also emergency numbers and tips and tricks for your stay. Questions can be asked at any time and they will be taken care of immediately. The whole stay in Newcastle was well looked after and you could always turn to someone. For example, at the beginning there were several difficulties with accommodation in the dormitories. These cleared up very quickly and there was a solution for everything. The organization of the excursions was also very good.

The free time

According to existingcountries, the university is in the middle of downtown Newcastle and everything is within walking distance. So there is no need for expensive public transport tickets. The main shopping street can be reached in 4 minutes from the student residence. Supermarket, restaurants and pubs, drugstore including pharmacy are in the immediate vicinity. A huge shopping center can be reached by bus, but there is also a shopping center in the middle of Newcastle. A walk down to the Tyne River with its numerous bridges is worth it!

I booked the social program. This means that you can take part in the weekend excursions and events in the evening. These included a trip to Edinburgh and York, bowling, the open air theater and a tour of the Newcastle United Stadium. I can really recommend this. Since you don’t have the time to organize all this yourself and so much to see in the little free time.


I would go back to the summer school anytime and recommend it to others… if it weren’t so expensive. Admittedly, stays abroad are always expensive and what you experience will not be forgotten. Hence the good overall rating, because the time was amazing and the people you meet (from over 20 countries) are heartfelt. If you have the opportunity, you should definitely dare to explore Newcastle!

Study in Newcastle University 3

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