Study in London South Bank University (3)

I organized my semester abroad in WS 18/19 through MicroEDU. I really wanted to go to London and since my home university doesn’t have a contract with a London university, the only option left for me was as a free mover. The LSBU was my first choice due to its central location and the affordable tuition fees compared to other universities.


My supervisor at MicroEDU helped me to put together the right application documents during the application phase and to obtain missing information such as course information or course content from the LSBU. She always tried very hard and usually got back on the same day – this support helped with the whole document chaos. I had to write a letter of motivation and get a reference from a teacher – so it is best to allow enough time to have all the documents together on time.


Since normally 3 modules have to be taken in London in order to receive 30 ECTS, most of them have completed 3 large modules and thus one semester of a “normal” course. However, I had to take 6 ECTS at the same time at my home institution and therefore chose 2 courses from the international management course and a 5 ECTS course from the international management with project management course (which was just as complex as the others). According to anycountyprivateschools, the LSBU wants you to select 6 courses in advance – only one of these 6 was available and I had to reschedule. It is also possible to take courses from different schools – it just gets a little more complicated. It took some time for all internationals to receive their timetable.

When this leveled off, it was pretty pleasant. My lecture times were Tuesdays 9 am-11pm + 12pm-4pm and Thursdays 3pm-7pm. So pretty relaxed. The LSBU is generally quite strict about attendance, but as an international it is only relevant whether the home institution is interested in your attendance. Compared to Austria, I found the education level to be lower. I never really had the stress of completing my tasks or understanding what I was learning – mainly because I heard next to nothing new. From SWOT to PESTEL to PORTER and the ANSOFF Matrix, the basics were chewed through again – this was pretty sobering. But it can also be due to the fact that the master generally repeats a lot. On the side, like others, I worked 20 hours and it worked out well.


I lived in the McLaren house. Since all internationals are actually housed in the same house, you have to make an effort to get to know local students – for example in various sports activities that the LSBU offers or in lectures.

The university offers a lean gym quite cheaply and for undergraduates even free (but only at certain times). Since I was a postgraduate I looked around and found a gym 7 minutes walk from the McLaren – Energy Fitness Borough – which was really well equipped and the fitness classes were just great and that for 25 pounds a month. The rooms at the McLaren are very small, but you get used to them quickly as you rarely spend much time in the room anyway and it is affordable compared to private accommodation.

The room consists of a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a small bathroom with a shower and toilet. The communal kitchen was often used to cook, party or just sit together with my roommates or other McLaren students. The location of the McLaren is almost perfect – you are only 5 minutes from the LSBU (which is itself in Zone 1 at the Elephant and Castle underground station) and within 10 minutes walking distance to the Thames and therefore fast in the city.

You have to be aware that this is not a luxury accommodation and that it can get tight if you have someone visiting overnight. The McLaren is relatively strict about visitors, you have to register everyone and people who have to stay overnight have to register 3 days in advance. Nevertheless, the McLaren is preferable to the other residential buildings, which do not have their own reception.


Financially, you can expect around 10,000 € including dormitory, tuition fees, groceries, subway tickets and other leisure expenses.


I would apply again for a semester abroad at LSBU at any time. L ondon is an incredibly great and open city. It’s easy to meet new people and make friends.

Study in London South Bank University (3)

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