Study in London South Bank University (2)

Motivation for the stay abroad

I already planned a semester abroad at the start of my studies. I really wanted to go to English-speaking countries abroad because I didn’t feel like learning a new language. London has always been my favorite for that. The main reason was definitely to spend a long time abroad (not to go on vacation) to get to know other cultures and countries. The effect on the CV is of course not to be disregarded.


I started planning about 6 months before the start. About MicroEDU I have the LSBU found and promoted me about MicroEDU there. The application process went completely smoothly. MicroEDU was a great help here. I was always informed when I had to submit which documents. I had to send everything to CC, from there everything was forwarded to the LSBU. The help via MicroEDU is completely free of charge, by the way. With enough time as a buffer, it is not stressful to collect all documents (letter of motivation, letters of recommendation from a lecturer, etc.).


If you have applied to the LSBU by a certain point in time, you as an exchange student and international student have guaranteed a room in one of the 5 residences of the LSBU. I stayed at the McLaren House, the largest of the dormitories. The apartments consist of 8 rooms, each with its own bathroom and a large kitchen for everyone. There is a complete block only for exchange and Erasmus students.

The quality was okay, not outstanding, but sufficient for 4 months. But I wouldn’t have wanted to stay there much longer. I would definitely recommend applying for a place in the dormitory. The dormitories are all very well located, a 5-10 minute walk to the university, zone 1 in London (in the middle of the center).

Study & Language

You can study almost anything at LSBU. According to andyeducation, the choice of courses and the offers vary from faculty to faculty. For me it was the case that I could not choose any courses beforehand and also had no information about the courses on offer. In the first week in London we were able to choose from about 6 courses. Since each course gives 10 ECTS, you only had to choose 3 courses and accordingly had a lot of free time. In Germany I am still studying for a bachelor’s degree, but at LSBU I did a full master’s degree because we were told that German students in the real estate sector are very well trained and are therefore studying for a master’s degree.

The support was very confusing and chaotic. However, this was due to the fact that the professor who was responsible for the exchange students on my course resigned a month before our arrival, so nobody really knew who was responsible for us. This was very stressful in the first few weeks. The level is to be settled somewhat below that in Germany.

The language of instruction was of course English. After one to two weeks of getting used to it, this was no longer a problem at all. The prerequisite for studying at the LSBU is level B2. However, this can vary from course to course.

Everyday & Leisure

In leisure time, London has a lot to offer. The city is really very cool. Due to the good location of the university and the dormitories in Zone 1, almost everything can be reached on foot in 30 minutes. However, everyday life is also quite expensive (at least partying, going out to dinner, etc.). The food prices are comparable to Germany (which, however, was also due to the low £ rate). The location of the university is really the biggest plus. This makes your time in London almost like a long vacation, as it is not the reality to live so centrally when you live normally in London. Whether pubs, restaurants, discos, cinema, theater etc., everything is possible in London and the location of the university (huge advantage compared to the partner university in Kingston (approx. 40 minutes outside the center) everything is close by and there is an infinite amount to see and discover. Even after 4.5 months you haven’t seen everything. Even if London is extremely multicultural, the classic British politeness can be noticed everywhere. As I lived in the dorm, I got to know a lot of people straight away You spend a lot of time together and really good friendships have developed.


Overall, I would definitely recommend a semester abroad at LSBU (at least in the real estate area). I heard from friends that other faculties at LSBU are much worse and more chaotic than mine. The level is a little below that in Germany, with the 10 ECTS per course you have a lot of free time and can experience an incredible amount, that was definitely the best experience. In technical terms, I have also taken a lot with me and consolidated and deepened existing knowledge. Personally and linguistically, my time in London definitely brought me further. The accommodation in the dormitory was okay too. If I compare the semester with what I heard from my fellow students in Germany,I can definitely say that I did everything right and would therefore recommend a semester abroad at the LSBU in the field of real estate without hesitation.

Study in London South Bank University (2)

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