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Many dream of being the owner of their own company. There was no training for this for a long time. Either you were “born” into the family business or you had a brilliant idea and dared to take the step into self-employment.

Knowledge of how to run their own business successfully is something many business owners acquire over time. Those who do not want to rely on the principle of learning by doing have recently had the opportunity to study entrepreneurship .

Studying Entrepreneurship – Bachelor or Master?

According to Ejiaxing, the Entrepreneurship course prepares entrepreneurs professionally for self-employment . Regardless of how much practical knowledge the students bring with them – a degree in entrepreneurship offers the opportunity to critically reflect on previous experiences. But which type of study is the right one?

Bachelor in Entrepreneurship

In the bachelor’s degree, students have the opportunity to choose entrepreneurship as a focus in a business administration degree .

In addition, there have recently been stand-alone bachelor’s programs that deal with the professional management of a company. These courses provide students with all the business basics that are necessary for successful entrepreneurship. The students learn, among other things,

  • what marketing and PR strategies there are
  • how to design a successful business model
  • how they deal professionally with employees
  • how they maintain business relationships.

The curriculum includes subjects such as internal and external accounting, strategic management , business analysis and human resources .

At some universities, the bachelor’s degree is designed to be part-time . Thus, the students have the chance to implement what they have learned directly in their own company or in a foreign company.

Master in Entrepreneurship

A large part of the courses in entrepreneurship are based at the master’s level. The master’s programs are aimed at people who already have plans to start their own business or are planning to take over a business in the near future. The course aims to put this project into practice in a professional manner.

Many master’s courses are therefore designed to be part-time and enable students to work in the company at the same time. Degree programs in the field of entrepreneurship deal with the following topics, among others:

  • the founding phase and the necessary economic know-how
  • the creation of business plans
  • the implementation of market analyzes
  • the personal and social skills that characterize a successful managing director.

Target group and application requirements

Entrepreneurship programs are particularly interesting for applicants who have specific plans to take over or set up a business. In order to cope with the double burden of work and study, full commitment is necessary.

For the course itself, there should be a basic interest in business topics . Some master’s courses are held entirely in English. In these cases, solid language skills are required.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, applicants at some universities must provide evidence of several years of professional experience .

Occupational fields

Entrepreneurship prepares students for successful self-employment . In many cases, the takeover or founding of a company is promoted during the course. Alternatively, the know-how imparted during the course helps to manage a foreign company or to take on leading positions in management .

Some graduates work as experts for venture capital companies or financial service providers . Others, as management consultants, analyze the structures and processes in companies in order to ensure their economic success.

Even activities in the public sector are conceivable, for example in the area of regional management.

Reasons for studying abroad

Anyone who is toying with opening a company abroad or an internationally oriented company should consider studying abroad. On the one hand, relevant country-specific content is conveyed. On the other hand, the students have the opportunity to hone their language skills and improve their intercultural skills . All of this is particularly important for running a company.

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