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Shoes, books, clothing, technical equipment – everything your heart desires can be conveniently ordered home with a click of the mouse. The market is booming: online sales have tripled from 10 billion euros in 2006 to 33 billion euros in 2013.

The major online mail order companies are posting record sales. But the existence of many smaller retailers now also depends on whether they have their own online shop on the World Wide Web. The logical consequence: The demand for specialists who are familiar with the subject of online trading is also increasing.

What is the E-Business degree?

Degree programs in the field of e-business or e-commerce prepare students for all facets of online trading. These include

  • the trade and sale of goods on the Internet
  • advertising
  • marketing
  • Customer communication.

According to Medicinelearners, the relatively young subject at the interface between computer science and business administration is available at both technical colleges and universities. Students can choose between a bachelor’s and master’s degree. The choice of study program depends on the industry in which the students want to work and what position they have in mind.

The Bachelor

In the first semesters of the bachelor’s degree, the focus is on imparting basic knowledge from both subject areas. The students attend lectures on mathematics , business administration and statistics and get to know various databases and information systems. You will practice programming and designing user pages.

In the higher semesters , more specific content is on the curriculum, for example project management , search engine marketing or after-sales support.

The master

After completing their bachelor’s degree, graduates have the opportunity to start their careers directly. Students who are striving for a management position are well advised to take a master’s degree.

In the master’s programs, the knowledge acquired in the bachelor’s degree is expanded and deepened. In the field of computer science, students deal with topics such as high-performance communication or the semantic web .

The business part of the program is the provision of management – skills in areas such as controlling, marketing or PR . At many universities it is possible to choose a major.

Required prior knowledge and interests

Students in the e-business department should be able to get enthusiastic about business and IT .

Good knowledge of mathematics is a basic requirement for the course. However, a good knowledge of English is also an advantage, as some of the specialist literature is only available in English.

Occupational fields

Since online trading is booming worldwide and well-qualified specialists are in short supply, graduates have very good career prospects. You work for companies in all branches of industry .

Depending on the focus of your studies and previous practical experience, you will take on tasks in management or in the IT industry. You work in the areas of marketing, sales or customer communication or develop and program e-commerce platforms.

An e-business degree also qualifies you for a number of professional fields outside of industry . Activities come into question

  • at authorities
  • in the healthcare system
  • in publishing
  • at software companies
  • in management consulting.

Masters graduates often take on leading positions in management. You is also open to a scientific career.

Advantages of studying abroad

International experience is a valuable additional qualification to technical know-how. In addition to sound foreign language skills, one or more semesters abroad provide insights into other economic systems , societies and cultures.

In addition, the students acquire intercultural understanding and skills during their stay abroad . This will prepare you optimally for your future professional career.

Study E-Business

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