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Futuristic car models, trendy fashion, interactive websites – our environment is largely shaped by designers. They design everyday objects, clothing and media products that are functional and still look good. In addition to aesthetic and functional aspects , they always have to take market economy and ecological aspects into account in their work .

The subject of design

According to Collegetoppicks, the generic term design encompasses very different areas of work . Product designers create household and sports equipment, furniture, technical equipment and vehicles of all kinds. Fashion designers are responsible for ensuring that new items of clothing and styles are always hanging in the shops. Communication designers are concerned with presenting information in the most appealing way possible. You develop communication strategies that encompass all media channels. In addition to posters, flyers and films, they are increasingly designing digital media such as websites or smartphone applications.

In line with these different work areas, there are very different courses of study in the field of design . Technical colleges, art colleges, universities and private fashion and art academies offer a variety of bachelor’s and master’s programs in the areas of product design, fashion design or communication or graphic design.

Bachelor’s degree in design

At the beginning of all courses there is basic training in the field of design . The students practice:

  • To draw
  • Color design
  • dealing with special computer-aided design programs

In the product design department, there is then, among other things, engineering content such as materials technology or construction. Budding fashion designers deal with textile technology or pattern construction, and communication designers take courses in typography or illustration. In all courses of study, subjects such as design or art history also have theoretical foundations on the program. However, the focus is on practical work. The students get to know various work techniques and materials in the university’s own workshops. In the higher semesters they then devote themselves to their own practical projects. Depending on the subject, they design their own furniture, fashion collections or websites, for example. At the end of the course there is almost always a presentation of your own practical thesis and a corresponding written bachelor thesis.

Master’s degree in design

The bachelor’s degree qualifies you for entry into your career, but also for a postgraduate master’s degree. The master’s degree courses are usually very practice-oriented and offer students the opportunity to specialize even further in a certain area of ​​their field of study . Depending on the specialist area, the focus is on sustainable production, collection design or editorial design , for example . Many master’s courses also offer economic modules that are intended to prepare students for self-employment or management positions.

Requirements for studying design

In order to be admitted to the course at all, applicants must first prove their artistic aptitude . This includes the presentation of a portfolio with your own sketches and drafts and various written and oral aptitude tests. If an applicant is certified as having outstanding artistic ability, the university entrance qualification may be waived under certain circumstances. Some universities also require a relevant internship to be completed before studying.

As can already be seen from the admission criteria, all design students need a large portion of creativity and artistic talent . In addition, manual skills and a certain technical understanding are required. Product and communication designers in particular should be aware that a large part of their work will take place on the computer.

Occupational fields for graduates of a design degree

The fields of work for designers are quite diverse . Product designers in particular are needed in all industrial sectors and are mostly employed in the development and construction departments of large and medium-sized companies. Fashion designers, on the other hand, mainly work in the clothing industry. They can also find jobs as consultants or costume designers at film and television companies or theaters, or work in advertising and journalism. Communication designers are often employed in advertising and PR agencies or work in the marketing departments of large companies. Many designers venture into self-employment after a few years as employees.

Advantages of studying abroad for budding designers

Design trends know no national borders. Not only the fashion industry is international. For students of all disciplines, it makes sense to spend time abroad during their studies. In this way they can get to know international design styles and working methods and sharpen their own artistic profile . In addition, studying abroad offers the opportunity to build up a network of worldwide contacts at an early stage and to improve language skills almost as if on the side.

Study Design

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