Student Visa For Chile

In order to study in Chile for a year or semester abroad , a student visa must be applied for in advance. You can apply for a student visa at one of the four Chilean consulates in Germany : Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt or Hamburg.

If you prepare well and in good time , it is not time-consuming to obtain a student visa for Chile. All students who are planning to study abroad in Chile should inform themselves in advance about the requirements and deadlines.

Requirements for a student visa for Chile

A Visa de Estudiante , the student visa , is required by all students who want to study abroad in Chile for a limited time. The student visa entitles you to study at the selected university in Chile for the period previously applied for. To obtain a student visa for Chile, students must meet different requirements depending on the length of the study abroad.

Anyone who goes to Chile for a bachelor’s or master’s degree should have previously enrolled as a regular student at a university in Chile . For a semester abroad in Chile, it is sufficient if you are a properly enrolled student at your home university in Germany.

Application for a student visa for Chile

To apply for the student visa, the following documents must be submitted in their original and complete form:

  • Confirmation of admission from a state-recognized university in Chile
  • Proof of the time limit for studying abroad
  • Application form and a biometric passport photo
  • a police clearance certificate (no more than three months old)
  • a health certificate
  • Proof of sufficient funds to finance your studies in Chile: Auslands-BaFög, a scholarship certificate from, for example, the DAAD or others.

In individual cases, additional documents may be required to successfully apply for a student visa for Chile.

Important information for a student visa for Chile

As a rule, students can collect their student visas in person at the consulate after at least four weeks processing time by showing their passport. From the date of issue of the student visa , a 90-day period begins within which entry into Chile must take place.

The student visa must then be stamped by the Policia Internacional within 30 days of entering Chile, thereby legalizing the stay. At the same time, the Cedula Identidad Extranjeros , the Chilean identity card for foreigners, must be applied for.

Important : The student visa for Chile is valid for a maximum of one year and can then be extended under the same conditions.

In addition to these general information, there are a few special features to consider with regard to a student visa for Chile:

  • If you want to change universities during your stay abroad in Chile, you must notify the consulate at least 90 days in advance.
  • A work visa must always be applied for in addition and in advance. If you want to officially pursue a paid job, you have various visa options : Visa Sujeto a Contrato , Visa Temporaria or Permanencia Definitiva .
  • If the student is still under the age of 18 when he finishes the study abroad, a travel permit issued by the guardian for the return journey must be available in Chile. The student must have a travel permit signed by their parents and confirmed by the Chilean consulate to be able to leave the country.

With the tourist visa to Chile?

Until spring 2018 there was the possibility to enter Chile with a simple tourist visa in order to spend a semester abroad there. We can no longer recommend this variant . However, a tourist visa is an option for those of you who only want to stay in Chile for a short period of time, for example to complete a language course .

German nationals in Chile do not need a visa to enter the country as a tourist, only a passport that is valid for at least six months. In this case, they will receive a 90-day residence permit upon entry , a so-called Tarjeta de Turismo .

Student Visa For Chile

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