Stacked Ring: an Exciting New Jewelry Trend

Trends in jewelry have the wonderful advantage of that a new look can occur with little effort. The power of accessories is finally great and their influence is correspondingly high. And now comes a trend in fashion, which will provide guaranteed to stir: stacked rings. Stacked ring show that there is still potential for innovation also in the jewelry for the finger.

What are stacked ring?
Stacked ring means that more than just a ring is worn. This applies not only to the whole hand, this also applies to each individual finger. The fashionable restraint, where at best wedding ring and a statement ring accounted for the entire jewelry, is over. That’s good, who doesn’t? The jewelry box is full with great rings, but still to wear day after day only same ring. With stacked rings now all the beautiful rings from the dark prison can be exempted and maybe you also want to get them new society. Because this year is less, not more, on the contrary.

A look that is completely personal
There are rules in the stacked ring trend fortunately no. It is only about as much as possible to present jewelry that best with style and an idea. So who wants to, to carry the entire semi-precious stones to light, which can do it quietly. Then, the finger in the most beautiful colors, as we glitter stop it through the Pandora rings familiar.Statements are possible as well, rings can show with a ring head heart, triangle shape whether woman looking for a man or not. Is looking for company, then shows the tip to outside, one is forgiven, then it faces inwards.

Enough is never enough
Stacked ring does not mean that all fingers benefit from one ring come. Three narrow rings on the lower joint of the finger, two more of the upper limb, this is easily possible. The selection for the look is too difficult, can be helped by the jewellers fix the. There is now a wide range of rings, which appear as if they were more narrow rings, but still it’s just a single ring. At the bottom of the hand conceals that the different ring rails are connected to each other. So are many rings with a single handle. It is thus always easy to the fashionable reality will quickly this great trend.


174 best images about Stackable Rings on Pinterest

174 best images about Stackable Rings on Pinterest