Soma Bay, Egypt

It has been proven in practice that the Egyptian resort of Soma Bay is an ideal place to relax: a little bit of diving in the clearest waters of the Red Sea, a little bit of history and excursions to the ruins of ancient Egyptian cities that have long been absent from geographical maps, and a lot of comfort, harmony and sun. Here is the recipe for a successful, unforgettable vacation.

Soma Bay is a new resort located in picturesque secluded bays 30 km south of Hurghada. The coral reefs here are especially beautiful, the beaches are sandy, and the hotels are only “five” (including the hotels of the Intercontinental and Sheraton chains). Like Makadi Bay, this resort is formally part of Hurghada. Check clothesbliss for how to get to Egypt.


Soma Bay is good in all respects: after a busy day, active tourists have the opportunity to spend an equally stormy night in neighboring Hurghada, filled with clubs, restaurants, entertainment centers; stars. The sea, as, indeed, for most Egyptian resorts, is the main attraction of Soma Bay. Guests of the town can surf its spaces armed with diving equipment, conquering a sailboat or taming a surfboard.

Soma Bay Hotels

Hotels in these resorts mostly have a 4-5 * category, and a very good level, which is already indicated by the names of the managing “chains”: Inter Continental, Sheraton, Iberotel, Swiss Inn, Le Meridien. Another thing is that they stand on a deserted coast, and there are no settlements nearby. Bars, restaurants, shops, discos and other infrastructure – only on the territory of the hotels themselves.


Professional hands and unique healing properties of mud, seaweed and salt will help to cure the soul and body in the third largest SPA center in the Middle East. The cost of a thalassotherapy course for 3 days will be 350-400 EUR, for 6 days – 800-1500 EUR. Immediate effect is guaranteed by qualified doctors of the center, and satisfied, noticeably prettier patients confirm it. There are many indications: stress, excess weight, loss of strength, skin diseases, metabolic disorders.

Entertainment and attractions of Soma Bay

The choice of sights that are ready to become the wonderful subject of your long stories to friends and relatives upon returning to your homeland is great: the Valley of the Kings, the Nile Valley, a paradise for agriculture in the local hot sunny regions, the Temples of Luxor and Karnak, the monasteries of St. Anthony and St. Paul, the rituals performed in which almost did not change over the 16 centuries of their existence, and, of course, the quarries of Mons Porphyrites and Mons Claudianus, in which the ancient Romans mined granite and porphyry, intended for the construction of their global structures.

The Valley of the Kings or Kings is a valley of royal tombs, lost among the rocks near the ancient city of Thebes, a land shrouded in a haze of secrets and mysteries. Protects the peace of 62 tombs Theban Peak. The world of chilling ghosts is open from 6:00 to 16:00 daily. You can’t take pictures here, the fine is 1000 EGP ! The Karnak temple in the ancient city of Luxor is worth 3 hours spent on the bus and 50 EGP for entry, because the colossality of the building, the monumental thought of its creators is amazing. True, only 20% of the originality of the temple was preserved, the rest was recreated and restored by our contemporaries, but the beauty is indescribable.

It is worth strolling through the cramped streets of Luxor in your free time, the paving stones of which smell of the sun, winds and antiquity. On the way home, a visit to the 3,400-year-old Colossi of Mnemon is a must, huge statues towering in the middle of the desert. The ashes of St. Anthony rest in the church, which is the oldest building of the monastery from the 7th century and is still a good reason for the pilgrimage of many believers. The monastery of St. Paul was built around a cave where the saint lived for almost a century, becoming a hermit at the age of 22. A visit to a desert town, overshadowed by the radiance of saints, is a pleasant step into history against the backdrop of colorful lifeless sands, proving that even here, in the land of winds and drought, faith can make a person’s heart beat.

3 things to do in Soma Bay

  1. Play a round of golf at one of the best Egyptian golf clubs called “Cascade”, which is located under the caring wing of the Les Residence Des Cascades hotel. The free club bus will take you to the field from anywhere in the resort.
  2. Lie on silk cushions in puffs of hookah smoke at the Thousand and One Nights Palace, located in the southern part of the city and built in the style of Disneyland, where during a large theatrical performance you will learn the history of Egypt, starting from the time of the pharaohs. The cost of visiting with dinner is 50 USD, for children – 20 USD.
  3. Dive into a luxurious underwater cave dotted with corals near the Abu Soma reef to fearlessly encounter barracudas, rays, reef sharks, squids and other dangerous inhabitants of the deep sea. It is better to do this under the supervision of specialists.

Soma Bay, Egypt

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