Sleeping Bags in Light Couple: Phantom 3D Flex – 1

After thousand laps, search for information on the Internet to see what kind of bag needed and try to buy them in close physical store without success, in the end we have sleeping bags at home. They are the Salewa Phantom 3D Flex – 1

We have bought these sleeping bags in and have to say they have behaved great with us. Send it a query with that fantastic: sleeping bags that weigh and little bulk and that they can put together. With a little problem of by means that resolved us it phenomenal there is us more than thank them for their work. so glad!

For the type of trip, wanted to sacs that are well compressed, that weigh little inside as you can from the minimum of temperature we are looking for (comfort below 5 degrees by itself flies), and above all which can join sleeping partner. What I read in a site and other reason than a Saint: there will be days hard (and not so hard of course) in what what you want at night will be put into the sack and you stay asleep embraced your partner. This normal sacks, give it as impossible… so absolutely necessary and for which we have gone as requirement no. 1

Here they are in our House. One is with zipper on the left and another with zipper on the right (so that it can join as well)

The sacks are easily attached as you can see in the video

In addition to being able to open practically the full and blanket are made.

Here are the features of sleeping Salewa Phantom 3D Flex – 1 (Info taken from the website of Salewa)

  • Zipper with anti-blocking protection
  • Thermal collar
  • Cubrecremallera Interlock with self-close tab
  • Adjustable headband with one hand
  • Protective screen
  • Pluggable, usable as a blanket
  • Interior compartment for valuables
  • Pluggable, usable as a blanket
  • Thermal collar
  • Pluggable
  • Compression option. I guess that it will put compression option because the network that brings to save the sack is huge and doesn’t shrink… We had a compression bag at home, and look at how is compressed (to the side is a mobile Samsung Galaxy S and a TV remote)

Technical data

  • Sizes left, right
  • Weight 1100 g
  • Lining inside 90-10 Duck Down, 600 + cuin, 90% Down, 10% Feathers, Silverized Technology, IDFL-tested
  • 450 g filling weight
  • Cuin Filling 600 + (Cuin Filling)
  • 185 cm body height
  • compressed size 36 x 20 cm
  • Height 215 cm
  • 78 cm shoulder width
  • Width 52 cm knees
  • Width 32 cm feet
  • Outside 23D Polyester Ripstop DWR
  • Cutting of functional cut sleeping bag
  • Chamber Construction Parallelogram-chamber
  • temperature Maximal 24 ° C
  • temperature Comfort 3 ° C
  • Temperature Limit – 1 ° C
  • Temperature Extreme – 15 ° C
  • Zipper Length YKK zip po celé delce
  • Flex Zone shoulders, knees

We have love, have a great pint. Only downside, color inside, very clear, gives me that we are going to leave a little oscurete, hehe… That Yes, we have read recommendations carry sacks sheets to put them inside and make it more hygienic… will see what to do…