Sights of Toronto, Canada

According to topschoolsintheusa, the city of Toronto, with a population of almost three million, is Canada’s largest city. No fewer than five million people live in the entire metropolitan area. Downtown Toronto is dominated by skyscrapers, with the 553 meter high CN Tower proudly towering above it. Toronto is located on Lake Ontario, which immediately forms the border with the United States. The relatively mild climate, excellent amenities and many attractions make Toronto a popular destination among tourists visiting Canada.

Toronto ‘s Top 10 Things to Do

#1. CN Tower
Toronto’s 553 meter high radio tower once belonged to the tallest freestanding structure in the world. This was later overtaken by Dubai’s ‘Burj Khalifa’. The almost empty and hollow tower has a restaurant, cafĂ© and viewing facilities at 350 meters height for a spectacular view over the city. People with height and/or depth fears should know that the lowest floor of the viewing platform consists of a glass bottom through which you can look straight down. For the highest view you can go to the ‘SkyPod’ which is located at an altitude of 447 meters.

#2. Toronto Eaton Center and PATH
This underground path (PATH), which is approximately 28 km long, was created in 1900 to give people the opportunity to walk under James Street while shopping to Yonge and Queen Street. This corridor system was later expanded and merged with the Toronto Eaton Center shopping center. This has made it the largest underground shopping center in the world and also a major tourist attraction of the city. The letters PATH each have its own color which refers to a direction. Red P is for the south direction, the orange A is for the west, the blue T is for the north and the yellow H is for the east.

#3. City Hall
In 1965 Toronto’s beautiful City Hall was opened. For its time it was a very unusual piece of modern architecture. The building with its two towers is built around a white saucer-shaped council chamber. The inside is just as special. Italian marble floors, aluminum ceilings, murals, time capsules like bookcases and a six-meter column supporting the council chamber give you the feeling that you are visiting a museum.

#4. Royal Ontario Museum
Downtown Toronto is home to an impressive and beautifully designed museum. This Royal Ontario Museum takes you on a world trip, while telling you about history, culture and science. No fewer than forty galleries show collections of finds from all over the world. The museum has been in existence since 1912 and has since become one of the world’s leading museums.

#5. Distillery District
The most vibrant and hippest part of Toronto can be found in this car-free district. Here you will find plenty of attractions in the form of theatre, galleries, amazing boutiques and cozy cafes and restaurants. Of course, this part of the city does not lack eye-catching works of art.

#6. Kensington Market
The most famous district of the city of Toronto is probably Kensington Market. It is also called the most cultural district, because many cultures come together here. This is reflected in the wide range of different restaurants and their cuisines. On the last Sunday of the month, there are numerous events that take place (spontaneously) in different streets of the district.

#7. Chinatown
As befits almost every major city, Toronto also has its own Chinatown. You’ll find this colorful neighborhood at the intersection of Dundas Street and Spanida Avenue. The street names within this district are indicated in Chinese with a phonetic translation. You will find plenty of Asian restaurants, shops and even a Chinese shopping center.

#8. Art walk through the city
There are special works of art on display at various places in the city of Toronto. These public works of art are scattered throughout the city. To make it a bit clearer, art walks have been created. One of them offers you a compact walk along 22 beautiful works which are located in the area between Roy Thompson Hall, Rogers Center and the high CN Tower.

#9. Ontario’s Place
The city’s most extensive theme park can be found on the shore of Lake Ontario. Here you will find activities that will please the whole family. Here is the IMAX theater, concert theater, marina, water park, dizzying slides, swimming pool, beach and various attractions including a roller coaster.

#10. Toronto Island
Several ferry services connect the city of Toronto with the adjacent islands that belong to the city. The 570 hectares of surface that the islands count are divided over a number of large and small islands. There are mainly recreational places to visit such as an amusement park, boat trips, playground, marina with accompanying ‘Yacht Club’ and wonderful beaches. Various festivals are regularly organized on some of these islands.

Toronto, Canada

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