Seychelles Children and School

Do children go to school in the Seychelles?

As a country located in Africa according to themeparktour, the Seychelles were once a British colony and for a long time there was no school for the children in the Seychelles. Only British children were allowed to go to school. It wasn’t that long ago. Residents who missed classes in the 1950s cannot read and write properly today unless they make up for it.

In the meantime, however, children should go to school, because schooling is compulsory in the Seychelles. You make sure that the children go to school, because education is also the key to success. And many young people also find a job after school in the constantly growing tourism sector in the Seychelles.

The language that almost everyone speaks in the Seychelles is Seychelles Creole. This is reminiscent of French. The government also uses this language to emphasize the independence of the country. This is how primary school children begin to learn Creole. English and French will soon join them. The children learn both foreign languages. Many school books are written in these two languages ​​and translation into Creole would be too expensive.

There are no costs for the parents for the school. All children should go to school, at least that is the intention of the government of the small state. Primary school ends after six years. Afterwards, the children either have the opportunity to learn a trade or they can do a high school diploma, but only through distance education. However, if you want to start studying afterwards, you have to leave the Seychelles, as there are no universities here. The young Seychellois then have to go somewhere else, to Europe or to other African countries.

How do children live in the Seychelles?

Children love to play by the sea. No wonder, because you can find the sea almost everywhere. Collecting mussels, looking for crabs, first attempts at fishing, all these are activities for children in their free time.

Seychelles Children

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The legend of the pirate treasure of La Buse

There are many legends about the islands of the Seychelles, some of them about the dreaded privateers and pirates. One of these notorious sailors was named La Buse. He lived roughly between 1680 and 1730. During these years he roamed the seas and robbed ships in order to increase his fortunes. La Buse couldn’t always carry this treasure around with him, so he hid it and marked the spot on an encrypted map. These encrypted cards are also called cryptograms.

Look for the treasure!

In 1729, however, the atrocities of the pirate La Buse ended with his capture in Madagascar. At a hearing on the island of Réunion (south of the Seychelles) he was sentenced to death by the gallows. After the verdict he was taken away. He is said to have shouted: “With what I have hidden here, I could buy this whole island”. Then he threw the words “ Mes trésors à qui saura comprendre! “A cryptogram in the crowd in front of the scaffold. That means ” my darling to the one who understands this “. After La Buse was hanged as a punishment for his crimes, no one knew about his treasure or where it was. No one was able to decipher the card, but many tried. Because loudLa Buse itself, be his treasure gigantic. Before La Buse was executed, he allegedly yelled into the crowd: ” You want the treasure? You can have it! Look for it, I have hidden the greatest treasure in the world somewhere. ”

Where is the treasure?

Only the librarian Charles de le Roncière managed to decipher the card. In fact, he found the Anse de Forband (pirate bay) in the Seychelles, more precisely the Seychelles island of Mahé. But there was no more treasure there! Someone else had already dug it up and hidden it elsewhere. The treasure has not been found until today. Was it hidden somewhere else in the Seychelles? Some suspect it is right there. The hunt for the treasure of La Buse continues to this day and it has been unsuccessful…

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