Services Offered by Universities in Ireland

International students arriving in Ireland to study abroad often feel as though they have been thrown into the deep end at first. There are many services available from universities in Ireland that can help with almost anything. The students should not be afraid to make use of them, because in this way they settle in faster and can soon enjoy their stay to the fullest.

International Office

As the primary institution for university services in Ireland, all universities and some Institutes of Technology have the International Office.

Depending on the university, the name may vary, it is often called the International Student Office. It acts as the first point of contact for international students who have questions, problems or simply need information.

Academic issues related to studying are clarified here as well as personal difficulties. It is usually easier for the students to get used to the situation because the team at the International Office will take care of them as best they can. This includes recurring topics such as

  • Course choice
  • Creation of the timetable
  • Working on campus
  • Accommodation search
  • Residency permit
  • Health insurance
  • Homesickness
  • culture shock

The team of the International Office can advise the students on this and, if necessary, refer them to the appropriate offices.

As a rule, the International Office also organizes an Orientation Week or an Orientation Program to get to know the newly arrived students better. For many, this is an important event in order to be able to settle in more quickly in the new environment.

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union is the mouthpiece of the student body at most Irish universities. It is committed to the interests of students at the same level as the University Council and other important institutions.┬áTo learn more about the country of Ireland and continent of Europe, please follow clothesbliss.

At the larger colleges such as universities, the Students’ Union also organizes events for students or takes care of their personal needs. As part of the service offerings from colleges in Ireland there is usually here

  • Help with finding accommodation
  • Copying, printing and binding of theses
  • Job placement
  • Newspaper and book trade

The main task, however, is to communicate student matters to the relevant university. International students should not be afraid to approach the Students’ Union with their problems in order to find a solution. The Welfare Officer and the Education Officer are primarily responsible for this. In the end, this also benefits all other students.

At the beginning of each academic year, each Students’ Union publishes a manual detailing the current service offerings from universities in Ireland. It also contains a lot of interesting facts about university life.

Counseling services for students in Ireland

The range of services offered by universities in Ireland is very diverse. In addition to the International Office and the Students’ Union, which can already do a lot for the students, there are other advisory services.

Student Counseling Service

So-called Student Counselors are trained advisors to whom the students can turn with any imaginable kind of questions and problems – be they academic, personal or financial.

Often it helps the students simply to express their problems. The student counselor can then give the first impulse towards finding solutions ideally. The content of these discussions will be treated with absolute confidentiality.

Academic / Personal Tutors

Academic or personal tutors have a similar function to student counselors. They are comparable to the liaison teachers in schools and are responsible for a fixed group of students. These do not necessarily come from the same subject area and the tutor may have never taught the student seeking advice, which can be useful for an open discussion.

Student Advisers

Also Student Advisers are there to international students to help in all aspects – that happens in this case, but at eye level. For this purpose, volunteer students who are ready to help newcomers with advice and action. At the end of the semester, they usually receive recognition for their commitment in the form of a certificate.

Careers Office

The Careers Officer, who in some cases is also called Career Librarian, advises students on work, course selection and further education. He shows the students a sensible way to achieve their professional goal. On request, they can also get help with questions and ambiguities in the job search and application process.


Chaplains or chaplains are available at many colleges for different Christian faiths. But students who are not Christians can also turn to them with confidence. As a rule, the chaplains listen carefully and share their life experiences in order to show those seeking advice a way out of their worries. In addition, they regularly organize trade fairs on campus.

Other services at Irish universities

Many other services from universities in Ireland complete the overall picture for students:

  • Health Services: Medical care for students on campus, confidential and usually free of charge
  • Sports and Recreation Office: manages sports clubs and facilities on campus, good for socializing
  • Accommodation Office: Help with finding accommodation
  • Disability Support Services: Help in everyday university life for people with disabilities
  • IT Services: Help with technical questions and problems

Services Offered by Universities in Ireland

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