Review: Wallet Chimp Sleeve, to Take the Essential

Talk TIME, everything okay with you? ūüôā OOPS, have¬†Review¬†today on the Blog? Yes, and it’s a subject, a subject that many of you ask me. I separated the space today to share with you my impressions, my opinion on the¬†Wallets of the Chimp, the first national brand exclusively focused on segment of¬†Slim Wallets of high quality… So bora pro post meet and see all this?¬†

I get MANY questions every month of you about¬†Wallets¬†differentiated options, nice models, not so great and everything. Well, when I met the¬†Chimp, there in the month of June (they even have partnered with the male Fashion on Instagram, see HERE) I found very interesting the concept of the products and the¬†brand DNA¬†,¬†offer simplicity with quality, handmade men’s Wallets to carry the essentials, thin parts, compact, with enough room to take the necessary, which we need for our day to day, without that batalh√£aaaao of cards, documents, notes, etc.
Well, at the time they sent me a model, which is the¬†Chimp Sleeve Bordeaux¬†and I started using it since then, but…….. NO MORE COLOR! haha Ok, ok, I won’t extend much in this presentation, let’s cut to the Chase.¬† According to Sizeablehandbags, below I separated my opinion on the¬†Wallet that I’m using the Chimp, check out TIME:
As I said above, I got a male ChimpPortfolio, this Sleeve Bordeauxmodel. Talking a little bit to the specifications, it has 10.3 cm x 7.1 cm, smaller than my phone, which is the G4 Plus Bike, that’s good, because it fits into any pocket of pants, without scoring or getting that heavy thing, you know?

The models of Chimp are handmade, IE, and quality leather, they even offer 2 years warranty on the play, animal, right? I mean that should last muiiiiiito haha
She is a Sleevemodel, they call, so not close access to belongings is pretty easy, has spaces in front and behind the portfolio, in addition to the space in the middle that is broader. I take my cards in the front area, the Bank and the car insurance. In the Middle always walk with the driver’s license, insurance card health insurance and Cash. haha I leave notes in this space. On the back I put the Male or card Right Here, when I go to a meeting.

As I said, it’s very easy to access TIME, everything’s in hand, very quiet to get, put, etc. The middle part, because it is more closed, it’s a little hard to pull things, but for that the¬†Chimp¬†included this¬†Language in your wallet, you pull, brings with it the items that are in the internal pocket, then put it back, just push things the language back into place.
Very practical this system, if I hadn’t liked it would be very difficult to get the content in the sleeve hub. Good Chimp!

Do not walk with a lot of money! haha Yes, this¬†Compact wallet¬†is not made for walking with a cake of notes in it, it’s not up. Doubling well, fit a 7, 8 good notes, more than that she’s starting to be “chubby”, more steamed. But as the principle of this product is to be functional, practical, simple, we don’t have to walk with thousands of dollars in your pocket, right? haha is to bring the essentials.
Came with a portfolio item that I enjoyed a lot, a¬†plastic to CNH customized¬†with the logo of the¬†Chimp¬†to put the driver’s license, very good, because my old one was plastiquinho destroyed haha and also how they ensure that the CNH will fit in wallet 100% of the time.

And the most important thing is how¬†she is very compact, even though a “cover” for close, everything is well protected, the documents are not swinging, the cards are wholesome place, stuck, I’m wearing it for 2 months straight and never dropped her , never had any problems.
The¬†price of this model¬†is in R$170 in the Virtual store of the¬†Chimp, not super into account, but from what the product delivers the quality,¬†warranty¬†and all other points, it’s worth a lot, is not disposable, is to be partner of Pocket for years haha in the long run end up compensating, because the cheaper spoil much faster.


  • This model Bordeaux of Sleeve and other 2 in other colors, are already on sale in the online store of the Chimp, just¬†Click HERE¬†to access.
  • Valley follow the brand in their official channels also:Facebook and Instagram.
  • The Chimp is planning to release new colors of Male and even Compact new models sometime this year, so it pays to stay connected.

Anyway, that’s it! For those who are looking for a good¬†Male Wallet¬†option¬†compressesthe Sleeve of the Chimp is a good thing. Visit their website to see all the details, the other models, anyway, to meet the Chimp , closed?

EAE team, you knew the Chimp? I’ve had contact with the brand? Were curious? If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment here, right?