Resume Optional Content

Career Objective

Career Objective statements are highly specific and leave no question in the reader’s mind of your career goal. Used properly, they let the reader know that in his or her hands is the resume of someone who wants the type of position for which the company is hiring. The reader may then be inclined to spend a few extra seconds on that resume. If your past experience is completely unrelated to the type of work you plan to do in an internship or upon completion of your MBA, it is a good idea to include a Career Objective that clearly indicates this new direction. When sending your resume to employers yourself in a direct mail campaign, include a career objective so the recipient can immediately determine why you have sent them your resume (remember to also include a cover letter when mailing your resume). Always include your concentration(s) on your resume as an indication of your career direction.


An internship in marketing or finance

A marketing internship with an emphasis on brand or product management Not This…

To gain experience utilizing the skills I have learned in business school for a company I respect

Seeking summer internship utilizing my strong leadership and interpersonal skills in a creative and motivated environment

Honors and Awards

Honors and awards are important items and should be included somewhere on your resume. In certain cases, it may be beneficial to group them together in their own section for maximum impact. If you have limited work experience, for example, an Honors and Awards section can strengthen your candidacy. Think strategically about their placement. If you know that employers will question your work experience, place this information so that it may be easily read in the short period of time that will be allocated to your document.



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