Reasons to Study in Ireland

Everything is a little different in Ireland. The grass is greener, the cities are smaller and the people are more relaxed. Young people are particularly high among the population of just under five million, which is why the Irish population has the lowest average age in Europe. The country is particularly attractive for a study visit. In general, there are many good reasons for studying in Ireland:

1. First-class university landscape

In recent decades, thanks to the Irish economic boom, much money has flowed into universities. The modern equipment in connection with the study system make Ireland a popular country for a bachelor ‘s or master’ s degree or for a semester abroad.

The level of study in Ireland is high. One of the reasons to study in Ireland is that the study system is based on that of the UK. Thus, the degrees obtained are widely recognized.

Most of the time, theoretical and practical content is balanced in the courses. German students are often surprised that the course offers so much variety and does not just consist of gray theory.

2. Personal attention

Everyone who has studied in Ireland is particularly enthusiastic about the academic guidance provided during their studies. As a rule, the number of participants in the individual courses is not particularly high, so that there is sufficient capacity for the intensive supervision of each individual student. This is definitely one of the many good reasons to study in Ireland.

Often the professors can be addressed by their first names and answer email inquiries within a very short time. Their doors are also usually open to students outside of the actual office hours.

Usually the universities organize excursions, parties or other events for the international students. Because of this, and also thanks to the warm nature of the Irish, they quickly feel at home.

3. Perfect language skills and social skills

In no time at all, foreign students in Ireland will acquire excellent language skills. This results from the fact that they not only study in English, but ideally also maintain contact with local students in their free time. The Irish are considered to be very open-minded and friendly, so it is not difficult to get into conversation.

In more and more areas of everyday working life, the English language is playing a role in some way. It is therefore particularly important to demonstrate sound language skills when applying. Irish universities often support foreign students with language courses that they can attend alongside their actual studies.

Back at home, international students quickly notice that their point of view has changed. After the stay abroad, you are more open, more capable of working in a team and have greatly expanded your horizons. This also has a positive effect in later professional life: Many employers know about the advantages of the newly acquired skills and prefer applicants with international experience.

4. Fast study

One of the reasons for studying in Ireland is the relatively short time it takes to graduate. In Ireland, the bachelor’s degree takes only three years. Four years are required for an honors degree. The subsequent master’s course lasts one to two years. To learn more about the country of Ireland and continent of Europe, please follow plus-size-tips.

A major advantage of this shorter course of study, compared to most other countries, is that the students save their finances, which are usually tight. This is particularly helpful in terms of tuition fees or living expenses.

5. Study in a special environment

Studying on the “green island” is a privilege. An incomparable landscape with rich colors opens up before your eyes, and visitors can marvel at places steeped in history everywhere – for example the famous Trinity College in Dublin, which probably has the most beautiful library in the world. Inestimable works are housed here such as the legendary Book of Kells with illumination from the eighth century.

Huge cliffs rise up on the coasts, and the fauna and flora are also very impressive because of their diversity. Many mystical places with millennia-old history cast a spell over visitors. The land of the leprechauns, as the little fairy creatures from mythology are called, enchants everyone who gets involved. And those who have had enough of simply relaxing and unwinding can plunge into the nightlife in the evening.

6. Fun is not neglected

Ireland has a lot to offer for night owls. There is delicious Guinness or even cider, which is served in one of the countless pubs. Fires often crackle here in the cold season and it is very cozy.

A contrast to this is the club and bar scene in the larger cities. It can easily keep up with that in major European cities. And what is very important: In Ireland there is a lot of celebration, but the next morning it’s early to go to university – no matter how long the night was. That is a matter of honor!

Reasons to Study in Ireland

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