Readings and Business Literacy

Please continue your MBA pre-work by reading, on a regular basis, the popular business press. Be aware of current business events and question the point of view of the various authors. The Wall Street Journal, the business section of major newspapers, Business Week, Fortune Magazine, Inc Magazine, etc. all are good places to start. And note that most of these have on-line versions if you prefer. It is also important that you develop the habit of reading business periodicals regularly as your course instructors will reference current business events in class discussions and assignments.

As in any field of study, there are people and terminology that form the basis and language of understanding. Some of the following terms you may have already come across in your undergraduate work or general business knowledge. But we would like all students to be familiar with the following:

People: Jack Welch, George Soros, Peter Drucker, Tom Peters, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Ronald Zemke, Peter Senge, Mike Hammer, Jeff Imelt, Ken Blanchard, Dick Bolles, Alan Greenspan, Carly Fiorina, Frederick Taylor, Anne Mulcahey, Abby Joseph Cohen.

Terms/Concepts: Total Quality Management, Arbitrage, Strategic Alliance, Just-in-Time Management, Information Technology, Knowledge Management, e-Commerce, Re-engineering, Supply Chain Management, Process Management, Connectivity, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Fed Funds Rate, Opportunity Cost, Present Value

Please do some independent research over the summer months to find out who these individuals are (or were), what their contributions were to the field of business, and what the terms and concepts mean. Your faculty will expect you to have this basic, working knowledge in all classes.

Need more help? This exercise is a great way to refresh your web searching skills. Try using some of the different web search engines like Google and Yahoo. Try going to query websites like (formerly Look in on-line archives from some of the popular business press like



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