Pro Baile Funk Clothing – Skirts, Dresses, Shorts and Pants

Everyone knows that Rio de Janeiro is the “funk capital”. There, several women leave for the night dressed in coladinhas clothes in the body and with micro lengths! But it could not be different, since this sensuality is typical of funk dances.

Before, the most used pieces in this type of place were the micro shorts, with a regata or blouse with mega thin straps and necklines super generous.This style is still the best known on ezinesports, being the most seen in these dances.But over time, funky fashion has begun to capture the trends and adapt them.

As a result, they began wearing frilly outfits , high-waisted skirts, and even more traditional pants.But nothing very long or that covers the body a lot, after all, we are in a tropical country, which does not allow us to dance, jump and descend to the floor in a long dress, unless you want to faint.

Currently, the play that is making a success, both among funkeiras, as well as among the attendants of these dances, is the short and glued dress .The group Gaiola Das Popozudas, commanded by Valesca Popozuda, already adopted the style and use in the majority of its shows by all Brazil.But it’s not anyone who can use that kind of piece.For this, there are some basic rules:

In the fashion of popozudas!

  • Among the most famous trends for funk dances are floral prints and strong colors.Use these elements, balancing the look with a more neutral color, not to be so flashy, after all, the length and the stretch already draws much attention.
  • Avoid an all glued look if you have a wide hip .This can further increase the volume of that part, leaving you looking fat.But if you insist on wanting to wear, one way to disguise that volume is by wearing a super glued skirt and a more lazy blouse.This will balance your silhouette.
  • For those who want a hint of dresses glued and short, bandage dresses are a great alternative.In addition to molding themselves perfectly to the body, they are elegant and ideal for less popular dances.Want a hint to get inspired (or buy, in case you have a stuffed bank account) ?!The Herve Lergers are incredible!
  • Avoid using transparencies unless you want to look vulgar and totally inelegant. The short necklines and lengths already take the necessary attention, but this becomes exaggerated.
  • If you want to choose the shorts, bet on the jeans or leather models .Combine with a little regatinha with a more loose fit, which facilitates perspiration.
  • On your feet, bet on high heels, such as peep toes, sandals or even ankle boots.