Paella, Kebab and Selfies Could Be Your New Favorite Emoji, and When You Can Have Them in Android

Ever has be chatting with someone and suddenly have the irrepressible need to send an emoji’s a paella happened to? Probably not, but if so you’re in luck because, perhaps, at some point this year you can send not only paella, but kebabs, bacon, potatoes, carrots, bread, peanuts…

All of them are emoji among the 74 candidates to be officially included in the next major update of Unicode, version 9.0 which will be released officially in June This year. Candidates include a bit of everything, but the categories with more entries are food, animals and sports.

It is not yet known which of these emoji will spend the final filter and what will be left in the dark, but you can already start planning how to use them, just in case. And you better have a patience, because Android is not precisely the system where you will be easier to get them.

These are the candidates

Note that the above representation are the emoji is not definitive, but a first concept version created by Emojipedia. Frequently also each application and system decides to represent these emoji in a completely different way.

Updates, third-party keyboards, and several casual

At this point surely you’re wondering when you can enjoy new emoji on your mobile Android, although probably not going to like the answer. There are basically three ways You can use paellas and gorillas in your conversations (if finally these two emoji are approved).

The first and clearer, is using the official support in an update of the system for the latest version of Unicode, that will be the 9.0. Android has traditionally been quite for back in terms of Unicode, Unicode 6.1 stalled until Android KitKat, but has recently become a day from Marshmallow 6.0.1, compatible with Unicode 8.0.

Some of the new emoji introduced in Android 6.0.1

Unfortunately, talk of Android updates is always an issue that almost always causes a shiver and sweat cold in many of the users of the system, especially in those who do not have a Nexus device or that its manufacturer has abandoned to their fate.

Here is where the second way to get them: constricting you and modify the system for the support or install any ROM compatible with your mobile phone that includes support for more emojis. The modification of the system is not too difficult as you can read in our tutorial (basically implies to replace a file on the other), but need root.

Replacing a file to have more emoji

Finally, the third form that you would be to be able to send your friends a facepalm is through the own stand from each application. Some developers get tired of waiting for the official support from the operating system and implement the emoji on your own, as it did for example WhatsApp with Unicode 8.0.

It is necessary to clarify that although a third-party keyboard as SwiftKey include support for more emoji, applications would not know as represent them if the system or the application itself are not prepared for them. Therefore, the usefulness of this type of keyboard is reduced to allow you to easily include in applications that already support them.

It is clear that the way to be up to date in terms of emojis in Android It is not easy, but all effort is little to finally send to friends a facepalm, a duck, a clown, a mama Claus or a “say it to the hand”.