Not So Basic: Basic Treggings + T-Shirt

In yesterday’s post I talked a little about those days confounded, in that the head hurts and you get lost, not knowing what to wear – and, let’s face it, without a lot of balls to get dressed.

The overwhelming majority think in Treggings + t-shirt or jeans + t-shirt. It’s the basics, the obvious ululante, the clothes that comforts us in the days when we have no head for incredible combinations.

These basic combinations are also my preferred choices when you need to travel.

But then it turns out that this creature that you write is not as basic as well, lol! And I was already sick of these smooth leggings, without much emotion. I have a space Fashion that I used on my vacation horrors and is super warm, I have another collection of Reinaldo Lourenco for C & the I love because she is fuseau (has this foot!) and now I bought this in Zara, with high relief in Velvet!

In fact, the autumn-winter collection of Zara is a maravilinda thing, but, as always, I stop in high prices and in modeling the clothes, ideal for who weighs 40 kg-which is not my case. I think one of the few pieces with cost-effective and that fit in me, was this legging. I found a super play different, especially for out of the ordinary with this Baroque texturinha (okay, nobody is sick of skulls, but replacing).

The shoe is too veludinho, I love this detail of the arabesques and gold at saltinho. Not to be all pretão, sent view in colorful t-shirt. In fact, I ordered another, because I pretty much just got this. And the blazer is my friend who bored him and wanted to sell in my virtual Bazaar, but is cla-ro I’ve picked it up for me! I miss this collection of Stella for C & A and I couldn’t pass up this opportunity, lol!

The look has many elements and I think anyone who doesn’t like to mix both (I adorooooo!), you can play a white t-shirt with a discreet pattern or a colorful lisa. That’s a basic look in a wardrobe, but at the same time, nothing, lol!

The proposal is this: try, within a base, we run our place and think of alernativas to make everything more interesting and less basicão. Look at this the Tamy, follows the same proposal that man!

Talked a lot, but I guess that’s it, haha!