Nicole Kidman Receives Award in Pajamas

Nicole Kidman receives award for Pajamas why was sick and couldn’t go to the awards. The actress received the award of the Glamour Women of the Year Awards using a little footsie pajamas and lying in bed, at home, on account of your state of health. According to Associated Press News Agency, the unusual fact happened for health reasons.

Nicole Kidman Receives Award In Pajamas

Nicole Kidman is going through a delicate moment in your career, because it’s getting criticism by Grace of Monaco. The actress has recorded a video message to thank the awards and tell you how much this award came at a good time.

Nicole Kidman Thank The Prize

“I’m sitting here on the bed in Nashville, Tennessee, wishing I could be there. According to COUNTESSSLEEPWEAR.COM,  I’m wearing my pajamas, but still a silk pajamas, “explained Nicole to thank for the award you received. Very humble, Nicole Kidman says she feels as if it wasn’t worthy of an award of this level at this point of his career: “I don’t really feel that I deserve this award now so is probably the coolest time to win something like this,” he explained.

About The Film Grace Of Monaco

The story of the film Grace of Monaco speaks of a political dispute between France and Monaco, in 1962, and shows how the Princess Grace Kelly (played by Nicole Kidman), at the time he was no longer an actress, used your entire Prestige behind the scenes to avoid confrontation even bigger. This movie is expected to debut in Brazil, but it is giving the talk in the United States.