Nails: Essence “I Love My Jeans” Opi Sparkle Ibarra

And so the truth is out today – a combination

essence – I Love my jeans
Denim wanted LE
OPI – sparkle Ibarra
Burlesque collection

  • 1 coat “Start To Finish” (OPI)
    • 1 coat “I love my jeans” (essence)
    • 2 coats “sparkle-icious” (OPI)
    • 1 coat “RapiDry” (OPI)

Thanks to → “I love my jeans” by essence as a base, “sparkle Ibarra” OPI is much better. As a Glitterlack he is opaque but after at least 3 layers, but so is the effect a lot stronger!

Order & opacity:”I love my jeans” is when a layer of opaque – “sparkle Ibarra” takes two thick layers on the base to almost completely cover the black. Who doesn’t want that, should apply accordingly only a (sometimes thinner) layer. So I wanted to have the result and thus also satisfied. Both are super in the order. Even with “sparkle Ibarra”, consisting mainly of glitter, there are no problems. The texture is super.

Dry season:Here is the small shortcoming. While “I love my jeans” Jiffy dry (just a layer), “sparkle-icious” needs again for quite a while. However, it is positive because you won’t see little goof, dents and quirks in the glitter paint. The varnish dries thanks “RapiDry” surface too quickly, it is so not totally restricted. Stupidly, it is but just that (calculated with topcoat) 4 layers – it takes just time. At least an hour – 2, to make really sure but are recommended. So nothing for night football.For it but just also not so risky.

Color:Color combination is a glittery spectacle of course. By the black nail base is the glitter increasingly – by the fact that he is covering applied, again more. The Golden Glitterpartikel are in the majority, but the blue and pink glitter tiles also come through. I really like the color selection of “sparkle Ibarra”.

Now follows a small flood of images – it wasn’t easy, the glitter to photograph, but I did it – so you must now cut some slack and put up with my photos, even if they look almost alike (but everywhere is the glitter differently!):

Overall:A wonderful coating for the season. The perfect holiday varnish is Christmas, festive, also good for new year’s Eve – “sparkle Ibarra” for me. Even my friend is excited about him.
You get varnishesBurlesque Collection”, still loose on eBay transaction design and co. – also the mini bottles.
Who glitter like, is here and should be accessed! And the paint looks sure good in combination with different bases – I am thinking here of blue and gold.