Microsoft Plans to Invest in the Social Network Facebook

Microsoft wants to extend the field of action in being willing to enter the market segment of social networks. The target is Facebook and, to this end, the company has already started the talks with the site, advances the Wall Street Journal.

Microsoft Plans to Invest in the Social Network Facebook

According to sources close to the process, quoted by the same newspaper, the company of Bill Gates wants to acquire 5% from Facebook, being willing to invest between 300 to 500 million dollars in this business.

This is not the first time that a major technology company trying to approach the social network. Last year, Yahoo tried to buy all of Facebook by million dollars, a proposal which was eventually refused, as well as attempts made by Google.

Now, after being surpassed only by MySpace in terms of social networks with the greatest impact on the Internet, both subscribers want recipes-100 million dollars annually, the Facebook back to be the target of attacks. The possibility to enter in this market segment is attractive to Microsoft, especially now that Yahoo has just debut the platform Mash.

Founded three years ago, Facebook had as initial target college students. However, the site began to gain more and more popularity and currently has an average of 200,000 new registrations daily. The company has grown 63% since may, when he had 24 million member.