Math Ability

Knowing basic algebra and logic is necessary for MBA course work. Many of your introductory classes like economics, finance, statistics and marketing, will require these math skills. Please work through the attached test. The answer key is also included so that you can check yourself and determine what you know and (perhaps) what you need to review or study. All of the problems can be solved with high school level math skills — but some of you may need to refresh these skills.

Math ability pre-test (MSWord document)

Math ability pre-test answer sheet (MSWord document)

At the end of your orientation, you will take a short algebra exam. This test has been designed by our faculty to ensure that students have the basic math skills needed in “quant” classes like Economics (FIN 515), Statistical Methods (ITM 513) and Operations Management (ITM 514). By reviewing these basics now, you’ll be prepared for this exam.

2nd year MBA students also offer the following suggestion: a financial calculator will help you in most of your quantitative courses.

Need more help? Try reviewing the math portion of the GMAT test in any GMAT review or prep book. And since this is all high school level math, you may want to consult a Regents Exam Review book series like Barrons Review for Math A and Math B Examinations, or SAT prep books.

Congratulations! By completing this set of pre-work modules, you are now prepared to begin your MBA program. On behalf of the faculty and administration here in the Business School, we look forward to meeting you at Orientation and to working with you over the next two years.



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