Masters in Ireland

Hardly any other country offers as many contrasts as Ireland. The country looks back on 8,000 years of cultural history and is also home to the youngest capital of Western Europe. Ireland is rough but also gentle, medieval and yet modern.

What speaks for a Masters in Ireland

Only a longer stay on the “green island” offers the chance to discover the island nation with all its facets. A master’s degree at an Irish university is an attractive opportunity to combine the useful with the sensible.

Excellent study system, high research activity

Students who opt for a master’s degree abroad often strive for an excellent academic education. The world-class Irish system of study and the emphasis on research are important reasons for doing the Masters in Ireland. To learn more about the country of Ireland and continent of Europe, please follow harvardshoes.

Masters degrees from Ireland are highly regarded internationally. In international research rankings, Ireland occupies top positions in areas such as computer science, materials science and immunology. In addition, the research activities of Irish universities are increasing every year. A Masters degree obtained in Ireland can be used as a ticket to postgraduate studies.

Close cooperation with companies from the economy

Thanks to the close cooperation between universities and business, Master’s students in Ireland have the opportunity to establish important contacts with the private sector while studying. Many companies offer orientation events for master’s students in the advanced semester. There is often the opportunity to combine your own research project with an internship in a company.

By the way: leading US companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Intel have their European headquarters in Dublin. Ideal prerequisites for gaining a foothold in an international company.

Study in an international atmosphere

Around 35,000 international students from more than 160 countries are currently studying on the green island. As part of a Masters in Ireland, you can look forward to an international and absolutely diverse study environment.

Ireland is also the only English-speaking country in the euro area. The chances are therefore good to improve your own English skills during a master’s degree in Ireland. An expensive study on another continent such as North America is therefore not necessary.

The versions of the Masters in Ireland

Similar to other English-speaking countries, study in Ireland is divided into an undergraduate and a postgraduate area. Since the Bologna reform it is no longer a problem to start postgraduate studies in Ireland with a German bachelor’s degree.

A comparison of Taught and Research Masters

The Irish system of study distinguishes between two different Masters degrees. Both offer access to doctoral studies, but there are some differences between the programs:

The Taught Master

  • is practice-oriented
  • takes one to two years.
  • is aimed at students with an honors bachelor’s degree, in individual cases at students with an ordinary degree and / or with extensive professional experience
  • consists of various courses and a shorter research together

The Research Master

  • is research-oriented
  • usually takes two years
  • is usually aimed at students with honors Bachelor with excellent performance (first or second class honors)
  • Usually consists of an extensive research paper in which the students prepare the results of their research
  • provides individual support for the students by a personal contact person

Some master’s programs are offered as part-time study. They usually last two years.

Requirements for a Masters in Ireland

In order to be able to take part in a Master’s degree in Ireland, a successfully completed Bachelor’s degree is required; in exceptional cases, several years of relevant work experience is sufficient. Since the individual universities decide on admission, it is important to inquire about the exact study requirements at the respective university. For some Masters programs, an Irish Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma is required in advance. Such a certificate can be obtained as part of a postgraduate course.

Good to know: At some universities, applications go through the Postgraduate Applications Center (PAC). Further information can be found on the websites of the respective universities.

What is the cost of a Masters in Ireland?

The tuition fees in Ireland for Master programs according to field of study and the university at different heights. Prospective engineers, for example, have to reckon with EUR 5500 – EUR 9000 per academic year. A master’s degree in economics costs between EUR 6,000 and EUR 30,000 annually.

In addition, the cost of living is important. Students in Ireland pay between EUR 650 and EUR 1000 per month for food, accommodation and transport.

Masters Ireland: Financing Options

Various financial aids are available for a Masters in Ireland:

  • Foreign BAföG: Students who are eligible for funding receive up to EUR 4,600 towards tuition fees as well as additional grants towards living and travel expenses.
  • DAAD scholarships that cover at least part of the course
  • Irish Universities Scholarship Programs
  • a low-interest education or student loan

Students from Germany also have the opportunity to work 20 hours a week during the semester and unlimited during the lecture-free period. EU citizens only need an Irish social security number.

Entry into Ireland

As a master in Ireland exceeds the period of three months, students are required to have a residence permit (residence permit) to apply. A valid passport is sufficient for entry.

Health insurance is required for enrollment. As a rule, the German health insurance company also provides coverage in Ireland. However, it makes sense to clarify beforehand whether any costs that may be incurred will be covered. If in doubt, students should purchase additional travel health insurance for Ireland.

Masters in Ireland

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