Liverpool Travel Guide

Liverpool is a city that hardly needs any further introduction for most Norwegians. The football team from this city is Norway’s second most popular, only beaten by Manchester United in the number of supporters. Precisely for this reason, the city is also a very attractive destination for Norwegians, first and foremost to see the favorite team in action on Anfield Road, but the city has so much more than football to offer. Here you will find dozens of sights from the city’s rich history.


As is well known, one of the most popular bands of all time has its origins in Liverpool – none other than The Beatles. Liverpool also has an over 800 year old history that is well preserved in the form of museums and sights, something over 75 million (!) People from all over the world come to see every single year! The city is best visited in the summer, although it can also be gray weather in Liverpool, so the pleasant locals will offer both warm and good stories.

Travel to Liverpool

Liverpool is only a short flight away, but most direct flights that go there from Norwegian airports are operated by tour operators who sell football packages. Thus, you may have to throw yourself on such a one if you want to avoid a stopover, and if not you should fly to the capital London. The official currency of Liverpool, as in the rest of the UK, is the British pound.

According to Abbreviation Finder, a city break to Liverpool is right up there in terms of price. The city is generally cheaper than the capital London, but the tourist resorts know how to charge. Liverpool is considered a safe city to travel in as a tourist, but take the usual precautions as otherwise when traveling.

Hotels and restaurants in Liverpool

If you are going to live near the two stadium facilities in Liverpool, then you have to expect to pay extra. And if you are traveling at the same time as a home game is being played, you can count on the hotels being fully booked well in advance. It is seldom a problem to get a hotel room that is centrally located, but it can be unfavorable in relation to the attractions and sights you want to visit.

Apart from a typical “English breakfast”, the British have not contributed significantly with their eating habits. Most restaurants have a specific theme, for example they serve either seafood or barbecue, or are based on dishes from other parts of the world. The price level is generally cheaper than in Norway, but you will find restaurants in all price ranges.

Attractions in Liverpool

In addition to a visit to Liverpool’s venerable home ground, Anfield Road, the city has many cultural monuments that may be worth visiting. The town’s history is dated to over 800 years old, and the town’s origins were as a fishing village.

Katedralene in Liverpool

Katedralene i Liverpool

Liverpool has two famous cathedrals, which are two of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. One is called the Anglican Cathedral and is built of red sandstone. It was started in 1904, but was not completed until 1978! Another cathedral that should be visited is the Metropolitan Cathedral, which is, among other things, the venue for the annual beer festival in the city. This was completed eleven years earlier.

The Beatles Story & The Cavern Club

The Beatles Story & The Cavern Club

The world-famous band naturally has its own show in Liverpool, which is a must for anyone who knows the band. Here you can walk around the museum corridors with headphones that give you an extensive tour of the band’s rich music life. Many authentic objects from the heyday are also on display here. You can also visit The Cavern Club known as the place where The Beatles started their careers.

Liverpool World Museum

Liverpool World Museum

Liverpool may not have the richest cultural heritage in the world, which is why some ingenious people have decided to collect objects from other parts of the world! You will see them on display at the World Museum in Liverpool, which has objects from both ancient Egypt and archeological finds from the Asian continent. Not least, you will also find some modern inventions here, in what is generally an experience-based museum.

Anfield Road and Goodison Park

Anfield Road and Goodison Park

And you “naturally” do not go to Liverpool without visiting at least one of the two football stadiums in the city. Anfield Road is home to the city’s biggest team, Liverpool FC. The stadium has room for over 45,000 spectators and it will definitely be a memory for life to see a match here. Also do not forget Goodison Park, which is the home ground of the city’s other big team – namely Everton FC!

Ferry ride on the Mersey River

Ferry ride on the Mersey River

If you want to see Liverpool from the water’s, then you have no choice but to embark on a ferry ride along the river. During the day you can join a 50-minute cruise, which allows you to see the venerable city from a new perspective.

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