LINE Throws The Boy of Errands in Asia with LINE MAN

What in-home services they are becoming increasingly more important is an undeniable reality of which we have more and more examples. Typically in these cases is that a similar services company points to in-home services. It is the case of GrabTaxi, later known as Grab and that nowadays in addition to manage taxis it also manages shipping of packages, private cars and more things that will surely come.

This is why relatively surprising that in this case is a Chat application that point is at services at home, in particular, food, shopping, and Messaging. LINE has just introduced now with LINE MAN, the man’s errand that is already operating in Thailand, where this messaging application has 33 million users (half of the total population).

What is LINE MAN

LINE MAN is curious and somewhat funny messages Made service in LINE. Is a separate application, available in Google Play although by now signed by the Thai branch of LINE, so it is more than likely that not can be installed in other countries.

LINE MAN divides into three distinct subsections, though the essence is basically the same: hire a man”LINE” to make something for you. This is go to a nearby store to do you buy, bring your food home or take a package from A to B.

It is not an innovative service and is certainly not the first application that allows you to bring home food from your mobile, as it is the case of the Spanish Just Eat or the more popular around here Asian Foodpanda, but is first to come from a company so well known and popular as the LINE and take second a more vague approach as for requests.

Give me money and I will do things for you

While other applications are lost in the details and, all told, life is complicate much by trying to incorporate into your database all restaurants and menu items, the fields are open-LINE MAN. What do you want? Write it here.

LINE MAN is a service that is half technology and half manual operation. For example, you can choose on the map where you are and what restaurant or shop require products, but can be vague on details and wait for Mr LINE call you by phone (or send you a message in LINE) to specify the details of your order.

For example, if you use LINE MAN to ask that someone bring you milk, bread and eggs from the nearest supermarket, Mr LINE is probably a good number of offers, so you consult so you tell him what brand, size and type milk you want, as well as the price.

A LINE gives you the same buy a packet of chewing gum or a barrel of beer, since you charged for transport, based on the distance to the rider must go. The only limit is that the value of purchase does not exceed the 1000 Thai baht, or 25 euros, which in Thailand rather than give himself in Spain.

He could not forget in this year, the year of the bots, LINE MAN also interacts with your LINE account, sending you notifications via a bot. This bot informs you in LINE of the route and the current location of your Messenger.

Will it reach other countries?

For now, it is difficult to predict whether LINE MAN will be sometime available elsewhere, as it is a service that, for now, could be considered an experiment. Even in Southeast Asia and Thailand, where together with Japan LINE has most of its user base, only the errand man is available in the Bangkok Metropolitan area.

What is clear is that that LINE dares to launch services as well in other countries first you need to have a good bulk of users, something that not just complied with for example in Spain where harvested about 30 million accounts, but do not just take off if we compare it with WhatsApp.

What is clear is that messaging applications are taking centre stage. They are, along with social networks, in which they spend more time on our phones, and increasingly are becoming more a portal for all services rather than talk to your friends.

LINE MAN: Delivery Services1.0.3

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Lifestyle