LINE Is Attached to The Bots Fashion Opening Up Its API for Developers

It is becoming increasingly clear that the bots have come to messaging applications to stay. If a few days ago Kik launched its store of bots, and Facebook has long been playing with the idea, the last to join the fashion is the messaging application that takes the stickers by flag, LINE.

The truth is that LINE is already months also playing with the idea, and already exist in the system some different bots (for example translators, weather forecast, several contests…) but the difference is that now the API is opened to any third-party developer want to create your own bot.

In fact, if you were thinking of creating a bot to LINE you will not find better than this once because they are offering 10,000 free access to such API (with some restrictions). As it is glimpsed in such promotion, this implies that LINE will in the future developers proceed to checkout to create bots, which should not surprise anyone because it is something already happening when a company wants to publish their own stickers.

The possibilities are endless and will depend on how creative are the developers that make use of the API. From book your favorite restaurant to order a taxi, having a personal assistant that you let know of your upcoming appointments or make purchases directly from the Chat.

This new API for bots was announced recently in the Conference line-up in Tokyo on March 24, so as a user still not notice many changes for now: the developers have not yet had time to create new bots. At the moment you can play with the official bots created by LINE adding accounts such as ENG-eng Translator, time LINE or similaes (can find them in options – official accounts).

Mensajea Gratisvaria depending on the device and called LINE:

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