LED Design: “Urbansky” Illuminates Stuttgart’s Streets

Ably proves Philips once again when selecting its partners for greater city lighting projects. The Dutch electronics giant currently developed a LED street light together with a lighting concept for the city of Stuttgart podpod together with the Design Studio design from Vienna.

Driving force was the energy supplier EnBW, which several times has campaigned in the city for the use of LED technology in street lighting. UrbanSky is the result that is strictly speaking still none now. Because the final work on UrbanSky is still in full swing.

Stuttgart had asked for an energy-efficient alternative to the existing street lighting, which is done largely via rope hanging lamps. The light series UrbanSky was specially designed for this purpose and shows an amazing versatility has fiddled the podpod design with enthusiasm.

Although not all innovations could be implemented due to physical constraints, included in the order, but the preliminary results of the fusion of the latest LED technology and good design can be seen. Throughout the entire development process, EnBW has taken over the coordination with the representatives of the city of Stuttgart and significantly influenced the technical specifications to installation and ease of maintenance.

That sits in the center of the lamp Philips LEDGINE module with 64 square arranged LEDs. The engine was introduced in the spring of 2010 for use in the outdoor area on the market. That the modules are standardized and to replace with simple handles are is just for large projects such as in Stuttgart, particularly interesting. Also against a newer, more efficient engine that could include only 32 LEDs under circumstances. The luminaire itself remains unaffected.

Through a special lens optics light LEDGINE LEDs is evenly distributed, and symmetrical, because the rope hanging lamps are hung up in the middle of the road. In the areas of the city, which are illuminated by mast lights, lenses with asymmetrical light distribution, however, be used.

FThe UrbanSky lamp has a zone made of satin, slightly transparent material around the module.So, kinescope guiding light to prevent that a too hard contrast occurs between the bright light from the light and the dark sky. The claim of the vertical and horizontal adjustability brought the Austrian Designer on a suspension via ball joint. And so, a light was born out of cooperation between Philips, EnBW and podpod design that should inspire not only Stuttgart.