Leather Jackets: How To Choose Which Suits You Well?How To Combine Them? All The Tricks!

Leather jackets They have always had a special air, a point of rebellion which favours to any look, rather informal, but which in turn gives you a chic touch.

Come autumn, increasingly watching more “you suck”leather on the streets and is seen in the ‘street style’ are a ‘must’ turn in all cabinets, both female and male.

Per pick for you perfect leather jacket as described in popular outerwear is not so easy! You must first think about the image you want to convey, in when it gonna it take, occasions where to look it… and depending on this, you’re going to buy your leather styling or other jacket. And on the other hand, very important, what kind of body you have and which forms of jacket you best sit to highlight your qualities!

Leather Jacket For Women With Little Shoulder And Hip Enough

We recommend looking at you a jacket with shoulder pads or the highlighted part of the shoulders, for example, tacking. It focuses on the point of attention at the top providing volume.

Leather Jacket For Women With More Shoulders And Less Hip

Unlike the first group, we want to try is to highlight not more shoulders and match the figure. Therefore we recommend jackets more fitted and without shoulder pads.

For Women With Shoulder And Hip Leather Jacket But Thin Waist

In this type of body the important thing is to highlight the waist why but may seem to be more “rellenitas”. For this reason, it flees oversized jackets and the very tight. You are looking for a jacket that fits a little at the waist but without appearing that is choking it!

Leather Jacket For Women With Straight Figure

Girls who have a body rather straight, without curves or any part that highlights in particular, jacket leather should be chosen is one that enhances parts, to shape them.For example, one that widen the shoulders and be fitted would be a good choice! Choose jackets with diagonal zippers, studs, volumes…

We leave you with some pictures of inspiration about chupas of leather: