How to Get to Phan Thiet, Vietnam

According to CachedHealth, Phan Thiet is one of the most southern resorts in Vietnam. There is no own airport in the city, you need to choose one of the nearest ones – in Dalat, Nha Trang or Ho Chi Minh City. The latter is preferable – more flights, lower ticket prices, and there is no difference in time costs.

From Moscow to Ho Chi Minh City can be reached directly. Aeroflot planes depart from Sheremetyevo on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and return on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The journey takes about 10 hours, tickets in both directions will cost 2,111  USD. Emirates, China Southern Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Etihad Airways and others fly with transfers. Prices on the page are for July 2022.

The flight from St. Petersburg Pulkovo is carried out with 1-2 transfers – in Dubai, Moscow, Abu Dhabi and Hanoi. It is cheaper to fly with the Arab carrier “Emirates” – from  3,050 USD, on the way 18-20 hours. Also, British Airways, Air China, Turkish Airlines and other companies fly between the northern capital and Ho Chi Minh City.

It is impossible to get to Ho Chi Minh City directly from other Russian cities; connecting flights depart from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Omsk, Kaliningrad and several other cities.

From airport to city

The most convenient way to get to Phan Thiet is by intercity bus – slipbus. From the airport, you first need to get to the bus station (half an hour by taxi, the trip costs from 350,000 VND). Flights to Phan Thiet depart 3 times a day, travel time is 6 hours, the carrier is Futa Bus Line (off. site in English)

In addition, trains of the Vietnamese Railways run from the railway station of Ho Chi Minh City to the resort 3-5 times a day (off. site in English). The journey takes 4-6 hours, the fare is 422,000 VND.

District of Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet consists of 9 neighborhoods and 10 villages. For tourists, only a few are of interest – there are few attractions in the city, and beach holidays are considered the main direction.

When going to Phan Thiet, first of all, you need to pay attention to the quarters of Ham Tien, Phu Hai, Phu Thuy (city center) and the neighboring village of Mui Ne. Hotels and entire tourist complexes with their beaches, umbrellas and sunbeds are concentrated here. There are also sports equipment rentals and kiting and windsurfing schools. Most resort hotels are in the Phu Hai and Ham Tien quarters. In the latter, accommodation prices are lower, but the hotels are more modest. In Phu Thuy, there are only a couple of hotels within walking distance from the beach, but closer to the city center there are several guest houses and hostels that will be of interest to budget tourists and those who happen to be passing through here.

In the central part of the Phu Thuy district, there is the Wo Van Kiet park with cozy alleys and uncomplicated attractions. The Duc Thang quarter is also worth a look, where the Ho Chi Minh Museum, several temples and the Central Market sell fresh vegetables, exotic fruits and seafood.

Hotel in Phan Thiet

The choice of hotels in Phan Thiet is large – from modest hotels with affordable prices to luxurious villas and apartments. Most of them are located in the districts of Phu Hai, Ham Tien and the town of Mui Ne, a little less – in Phu Tui and to the west of it.

The most budget option is guest houses and hostels in the center of Phan Thiet. The cost of a double room varies from 280,000 VND per day, but you will have to get to the beach by bus or taxi.

The most expensive hotels are concentrated in the Fu Hai area. Basically, these are spa hotels with a wide range of additional options. The price per room ranges from VND2,800,000 to VND5,000,000. You can find an inexpensive hotel, but there are so few of them that you need to book places several months in advance.

In the Ham Tien quarter, prices are more democratic, most of the hotels are “twos” and “threes”. A double room will cost from 1,200,000 VND. But there are also a couple of “fours”, the cost of living in which reaches 3,400,000 VND per day.


Public transport in Phan Thiet is poorly developed. The only bus route connects the center of the resort with the village of Mui Ne and the peninsula of the same name. On it you can move between beaches, get to restaurants, lotus lakes and several other attractions. The fare is 13,000 VND.

Most tourists prefer to travel around Phan Thiet and its environs by taxi, and those who are not afraid of speed – by motorcycle taxi. The latter, however, can go slower if you ask the driver about it in advance. Many cars are equipped with meters, but it is better to coordinate the cost of the trip in advance. Usually it does not exceed 250,000 VND. You can take a car in the parking lot near the hotel, call it by phone (with the help of reception staff) or stop it on the street.

Bicycles are a very popular form of transport in Vietnamese resorts. They are convenient to go to the beach, to a cafe or shop and just ride around the neighborhood. There are rental points in almost every hotel, the cost of a rental day is from 60,000 VDN. For those who do not like to pedal, but have not acquired a driver’s license, there are scooters. Prices are slightly higher – from 164,000 VND per day.

Rent a Car

Traffic in Phan Thiet is tense and chaotic, and the locals do not always follow the rules. Lots of cars, even more motorcycles and pedestrians. Given all this, only experienced motorists should drive here. There is nowhere to go especially, you can think about a car if you want, for example, to visit a silk factory in Dalat.

International law does not apply in Vietnam, you will need to obtain a local certificate (it will take 3-7 days).

The roads are generally good, but there are broken sections on intercity highways. You can leave your car overnight in the hotel parking lot, but it is not always possible to park in the city itself. Parking is available near attractions, shops and shopping centers. There are free, but paid prices are low.

It is better to look for large international rental offices in large cities – Avis and Hertz offices are located at Ho Chi Minh Airport. The resort is mostly run by small Vietnamese firms. Prices are quite high – from 500,000 VND per day for an economy class car.

Hotel in Phan Thiet

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