In 2013, the French were the largest European lingerie consumers (1). Paradoxically, 8 out of 10 women would not know their bra size. Or rather the size that really suits them. Some have a vague idea of ​​hat that suits them perfectly; others are convinced to wear the right bra for years, until a conscientious clerk tells them otherwise.

At the dawn of a new era in your wardrobe, what form of bra should you choose? Trash, triangle, underwire? Rest assured, the model does not matter, “Everything depends on the desired aesthetic tastes of the client and the garment worn” says Poupie Cadolle, the Cadolle lingerie house. Store, try different models and choose the record that appeals to you the most. Want to increase small tits? Head to a push-up. You have small breasts and want a 100% natural effect? Head on over to form triangle.

Take Her Measurements

To find bonnet at her breast, it is essential to know its morphology. Regularly measure his chest is essential to avoid mistakes and succumb to impulse buying. Especially as the female breast varies regularly during his life! First, grab a tape measure and measure your “below chest.” Then, measure just before the size, the most hollow of the abdomen area. Make sure the tape is neither too loose nor too tight, just laying flat. Now measure your bust. After exhaling normally, pass the ribbon under the armpits, on the shoulder blades, around the back, passing on her nipples. Take the measurement at the sternum, between the breasts.

To determine the cap, subtract the two measurements. “According to the good work chart, if less than 15 cm separate the underside of the breast nipples, you make a cap A. If there are 15 cm of difference is a B cup, and 20 cm, a C cup, “said Poupie Cadolle. But beware: the lingerie brands do not follow all the same rules. It is also possible to take your measurements with a saleswoman of a shop or to do at home via the websites of some brands that offer to calculate your measurements.

No Elasticity in the Cups and Straps

Know your measurements is paramount. Measure your “below chest” and your bust and subtract the two measurements to find the hat for you.

Before zeroing in on the 95 B Lace, better follow some rules. For maximum comfort, flee elasticity in the suspenders and hats. Difficult because most brands use in their models. then make sure that there is as little as possible. “The elastic straps will relax quickly. The breast will be less well maintained, and the fiber breasts will deteriorate, “says Poupie Cadolle. Same principle for caps: “The chest will not be glued to the body and vibrate during operation.”

Busty women especially need to be careful to maintain, may be hindered during the day and feel pain. “The weight of the breasts require the chest to curl forward and back muscles will be stretched,” says Samuel Homo, physiotherapist and masseur osteopath in Vitrolles (Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur). In the long term, this could create “a tension at the base of neck and at the trapezius,” adds the professional. Although it is not very aesthetic, feel free to choose a bra with lots of staples in the back to keep it upright, “until two or three for very bigwigs” advises Poupie Cadolle.

The Back of the Bra

It’s simple, if the back of the bra back, the model is too small and you make sure the breasts falling. When fitting, make sure the back of the bra form an arc below the frame level.

The frame is regularly a source of pain and red marks on the skin when removing her bra at night. Watch for his position: it should not be on the breasts, but on the chest. The rash may also mean that the model is too small. In addition to causing pain, “too small or too tight bra will affect breathing. Ongoing support will be felt at the base of the sternum and rib cage. The natural breathing rhythm will be disrupted, “says Samuel Homo.

To preserve the quality of your bras, Poupie Cadolle therefore recommends banning the washing and replace with … shampoo!