How to Activate Functions Hidden Whatsapp to Test Them before Anyone Else with WA Tweaks

There are few things that awaken both excitement as one new function introduced in WhatsApp. We saw it with video calls, animated GIFS and continue watching it certainly in the future when functions in tests such as States to the Instagram Stories reach all.

And if you say that? You may try some of these functions… already? No waiting, here and now. To do this we have of WA Tweaks, the application created by Alex193, the leaker who you will remember as you have provided us with plenty of rumors about WhatsApp features that were coming from your account WaBetaInfo.

What is WA Tweaks?

WA Tweaks is a small application, which is not available in Google Play, whose function is to “deceive” WhatsApp so that activate certain functions or settings otherwise, it would remain hidden. It is not the first or only application of style, as you already have in the case of the extension of Xposed WhatsApp Extension. You can it Download from their official website.

To achieve “trick” WhatsApp is missing that the application have permissions, and then you have two options to operate the modifications. Or have your phone rooted (and give WA Tweaks root permission) or enable your module of Xposed Framework.

Root and Xposed: the two ways to activate the tweaks

Activate the new States, and more

Just open WA Tweaks you’ll find with probably the three most important options, when writing this text. It is of the new interface of WhatsApp, the new contacts selector and indexing of business cards vCards.

You can activate each tweak separately, but remember that you will need Force close whatsapp to receive updates. In the case of the new interface, the novelty is quite visible, as the tabs change completely, and it adds a new tab to make photos directly (which you can send to your own State or your friends).

WhatsApp interface: before and after

The main interest here is the new tab States, of which you speak a few months ago. Here you can send and view the latest publications – in photo – your friends, in a very similar way to Instagram Stories.

Activating this option in WA Tweaks you can start creating States, but friends for the moment will not find out anything, unless they also use WA Tweaks or WhatsApp finishes activating for all. The function seems already quite mature, so it is not so far-fetched idea.

Small adjustments

The WhatsApp WA Tweaker Tweaks tab includes a few customization options to slightly modify the behavior of WhatsApp. For example, you can change the provider of GIF animated between GIPHY or Tenor.

Other options included is the possibility of send photos to original resolution, increase the limit of characters in the name of a group or change the limit of maximum size of a document (usually 100 MB) or a video (usually 64 MB) and resize the emoji switch.

Maximum 25 characters in the name of a group become 255


On the Extra tab of WA Tweaks some are more advanced options. For example, you can force the use of English in WhatsApp, regardless of the language of Android, disable audio and video calls or disable the core dump of WhatsApp.

The most interesting options are however on the buttons. The first clears the list of emojis used recently, while Inject PSA Chat adds to your list of conversations the official account of WhatsApp.

The three lower buttons are somewhat more advanced. WhatsApp Downgrade It allows you to install an earlier version of WhatsApp, Extract WhatsApp APK Save the APK from your WhatsApp in the memory of your phone and WhatsApp Cleaner It allows you to delete the images, videos, GIF and documents of your WhatsApp.

Xposed tweaks

Before using this tab in WA Tweaks you must have installed and running Xposed Framework, have turned on the Xposed WA Tweaks module and restarted the phone. All this discomfort will charge sense when you see how many customization options are available via the Xposed.

We already know some of these options, as they are the same that are available through root, as it is the case of the new interface, but there are other exclusives. For example, you can manipulate When you go into WhatsApp last seen so never change, or set you’re always available.

Other options available here are the send unlimited images from the Gallery of WhatsApp, the possibility of making Zoom on profile images your contacts or to write a State with a much longer text than normal.


The last WA Tweaks Options tab is one of the most interesting. Its content is at the same time subdivided into two tabs, one for those customization options available via Root, and another for those available via Xposed, they are much more numerous.

With Root only you can modify the emoji that it is displayed in WhatsApp to change them by 10 iOS or Android Nougat. Each change requires that you reboot the mobile so that it takes effect.

With the module Xposed However you can change almost completely WhatsApp interface. You can remove the buttons call, camera and voice notes and change the colors of the interface by those who most persuade you. Would you like red WhatsApp? Then change it.

These tweaks may stop working at any time, so you should take it more as an opportunity of testing and fiddling with WhatsApp for art’s sake. Please note that some options like hiding when you are connected may not be to the liking of WhatsApp, so you could risk being banned from the service. Use it at your own risk.