Grazi Bets on Show Bra at Le Lis Blanc Event

Massafera bet on the touch of sensuality of the transparent blouse with bra on display at the launch of the Spring Preview collection of Le Lis Blanc. Bruna Linzmeyer,Maria Fernanda Cândido and Mariana Rios also attended the event, held on Wednesday (31), in São Paulo. The colors white, black and blue caught attention in the looks. Check details:


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Grazi Massafera opted for two black pieces: flare pants that imitate leather texture (R $ 699.90) and blouse with transparency (R $ 459,90), revealing the bra.  According to Therightbras, the touch of color was on account of the blue blazer with white details. On the feet, escarpment.

# estáadica1: Want to wear a transparent blouse with bra on display? So, see if there’s any grease in evidence and if the look matches the event. If you prefer a more discreet way of dressing the piece, bet on a camisole, leaving the transparency only on the sleeves and on the lap.

Maria Fernanda Cândido wore a fluted knit sweater, in black color with white detail on the sleeve. She was also in black skirt with stripes on the bar in white and blue, denim jacket and braided black sandal.

# estáadica2: The denim jacket is informal and does not go out of style.It is worth acquiring a piece of good quality to increase different visuals for many years. It can be worn with other jeans, creating a super-casual look.

Body white and black skinny pants made up the look of Mariana Rios.Finally, black boot.

# estaadica3: The combination of black and white, a classic introduced in fashion by Chanel, is always a good choice, as it leaves the look elegant and sophisticated.

# estáadica4: Black pants and boots is an infallible combination, because it lengthens while not creating visual disruption. Remember that if the pants have a wider mouth, the boot always comes under it. If you put on top, you will present slack air due to the excess of crumpled fabric caught by the shoes.

Bruna Linzmeyer combined salopete in knitting (R $ 579,90) with frilly striped shirt on the sleeve and metallic shoes (R $ 599,90).