Google Plus Fits More with Google Play: May Be Installed from The Network of Social Apps from Google

Although it may not seem it, Google Plus It is a project in which Google is investing much effort and which is gradually proving to attract those who share the information in that social network that Google does not want to be called so. The latest development is rather modest, but that can help make life a little more comfortable to people who have Android and are very active in the page.

Apparently Google is gradually implementing a system in which entering a link Google Play is not an ordinary link, but that is a button that install the app. The system lack of Polish, because it leads to the app store to select the terminal and that’s where the installation is made.

We have also seen that if done from the button + 1 Google Play does not work because that button still leads the old Android Market, and strange that Google do not care that factor of your page. Even so, are small gestures that can quite help promote Android and do something more full Google Plus and try to please more people