Google Not Pays Even with Hangouts, Reaching 10.0 Version with Modest Changes

If something you have to learn from large tech companies, that is not to count. Microsoft already us forward with Windows coming after 8-10, and now Hangouts ironically follows the same pattern. After Hangouts 8.1 arrives Hangouts 10.0.

To have been skipped a version number, the truth is that the visible changes in this update are somewhat modest. In addition to correcting an error with notifications in Android, reduce the size the preview of images sent in a chat and includes, better late than never, the support for Direct Sharing.

Soon, with links to join groups

Under the hood, however, some tracks of other developments that are there but are not yet enabled can be found. It is the case of the link to share and invite someone to join the Group, as it is already testing WhatsApp.

In the code of the APK has several text strings they leave little or no place for error. In them, as they have investigated in XDA, outlined that the invitation links You can enable for any group, and that those who join later can read all the history of the Group.

Hangouts 10.0 is in deployment on Google Play period, but you will always Download the APK from APK Mirror sites. He is installed on Android 4.1 or higher, and you can already use innovations such as small size or the Direct Sharing images. To the links of groups will have to wait for Google to activate them.