Golden Sands Travel Guide

Varna’s Golden Sands are known for their magnificent beaches. Varna Golden Sands is one of the classics of Bulgarian resorts. The golden sands are especially known for their long sandy beach, which has often been called one of the finest beaches in Europe. There are many hotels and activities in the Golden Sands.


A classic of Bulgarian beach resorts

The Golden Sands are located in Bulgaria on the shores of the Black Sea. Golden Sands is one of the most famous and northernmost resorts on the Bulgarian coast. The development of the area as a holiday destination began in the 1950s and tourists discovered the Golden Sands quite quickly.

Golden Sands is known as a beach holiday destination, suitable for families as well as groups of friends. In addition to the long beach, the most famous sights of the Golden Sands include the Aquapolis water park, the Zlatni Piasats Nature Park and the nearby town of Varna.

The climate of the golden sands

Holiday trips to the Golden Sands are made during the summer season, as Bulgarian summers are warm and sunny, but winters are cool.

From June to September, daytime temperatures average over 20 degrees and the hottest are in July and August. In midsummer, temperatures often rise to about 25 degrees Celsius.

As the fall arrives, the weather gradually turns chilly. In winter, daytime temperatures drop to a few plus degrees and at night it can be frosty. Rain can come as snow.

Beach holidays and activities

Above all, the Golden Sands is a beach holiday destination that is suitable for families with children, shopping travelers and those who enjoy a lively evening life. The nearly four-kilometer-long golden yellow sandy beach is a great destination for sunbathing and water sports.

In addition to water sports, active holidaymakers can go cycling and hiking in the nearby Nature Park, such as the Golden Sands.

The place is especially suitable for families with children. Efforts have been made to restrict motoring on the streets of the resort to make walking areas safer for children on holiday. The beach of Kultahietikko is also suitable for children: gently deepening and clean.

There are also many activities for children in the tourist area, such as water slides, playgrounds and car tracks. The Golden Sands also has an Aquapolis water park.

The climate of the golden sands

Nightlife and shopping

You can also enjoy the lively nightlife on the Golden Sands, especially in midsummer. There are many restaurants, bars, nightclubs and music venues on the seafront and the main street of the resort. In the early and late summer, the resort calms down, making the region a good destination for families with children who want a quieter trip, for example.

The Golden Sands is also a great destination for the shopping traveler, as Bulgaria is a really affordable travel destination. There are many shops in the Golden Sands and the shopping offer of the city of Varna is also nearby.

Security and nightlife

The Golden Sands is a fairly safe holiday destination. As with all major resorts in Bulgaria, it is a good idea for tourists to exercise general caution and beware of pickpockets in particular.

According to the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, street trafficking, begging, pickpocketing and money exchange are often organized by organized crime, so tourists have reason to be careful. Especially when moving around in bar areas at night, you should pay attention to safety. Drunk tourists can get out of their wallets in the blink of an eye.

In the Golden Sands, the tourist is doing well in English. It is good for those who resort to sign language to remember that in Bulgaria, nodding their head means “no” and shaking their head means “yes”.

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