Everyday Student Life in Ireland

Cordially – that is probably the best word to describe the atmosphere in everyday study life in Ireland. Because even if the daily operations on campus are not that different from those in Germany, the friendly Irish mentality dominates all areas.

International students are welcomed with open arms in the small but fine university landscape. Regardless of whether it is about studies, accommodation or meals: You will receive support in every respect and quickly feel at home on campus in everyday university life.

Courses in Ireland

Whenever there is talk of Irish courses, the students agree: One of the greatest advantages is the personal attention from the teachers. They attach great importance to an open atmosphere and uncomplicated, direct communication with their protégés.

The events themselves do not differ significantly from those in Germany. There are lectures, seminars and tutorials, as well as practical courses such as demonstrations or field trips. Modern media and teaching methods are always used.

When applying to study in Ireland, students indicate their desired courses. This describes courses of study within which you can also specialize in streams in the Bachelor or Master degree. During their studies, they collect credit points that they acquire with the help of assessments such as essays, term papers, exams and others. At the end of the semester there is the final exam.

Campus life in Ireland

Irish college campuses are buzzing with activity. Students will find everything they need for everyday study in Ireland here, and most facilities are within walking distance. These include, for example

  • Teaching and research building
  • Libraries
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Sports facilities and many others.

The university and students organize a wide range of events that take place throughout the year. Above all, the Orientation Week is one of the most important events. It is mostly offered by the International Office and is used to help newly arrived international students settle in. They can also make contacts quickly this way.

Another way to make new friends, the student clubs or student Societies. These are available for all possible areas of leisure time such as sports, literature, cooking or other hobbies. Like-minded people meet here in an uncomplicated way.

Services offered by universities in Ireland

There are many services for international students to support them in their everyday studies in Ireland. To learn more about the country of Ireland and continent of Europe, please follow cachedhealth. Starting with the International Office through to the Accommodation Office or the Student Adviser – all conceivable questions or problems are usually answered or solved on campus.

Of course, this helps the students settle in better and feel comfortable during their stay abroad. Homesickness or culture shock are overcome more quickly and campus life with all its facets comes first.

At the student level, too, there are contacts in the Students’ Union who represent the students. If problems of any kind arise, the Students’ Union can inform higher bodies such as the University Council.

Accommodation for studying in Ireland

When looking for accommodation, students must first be clear about whether they would like to live on campus or away from it. While you are “ on-campus ” in a student residence close to the action, “ off-campus ” in your own apartment you have more freedom, but you also have to organize more yourself.

Living with a host family in so-called “ digs ” is a good mixture of autonomy and assistance. Regardless of what is preferred: In any case, students should start searching in good time and consider the hidden costs such as a deposit or any equipment they may need.

Meals while studying in Ireland

As with accommodation, students also have the choice when it comes to meals, whether they use the facilities on campus or prefer to eat outside. Either they take advantage of the Meal Plan, which already includes meals in the accommodation rent, or they choose one of the cafes and restaurants on site.

Another option that is usually cheaper and growing in popularity is home cooking. Most typical Irish dishes are fairly simple and filling up well. These include, for example, stews such as Irish stew or potato dishes such as Potato Farls. Many universities publish brochures for beginners as a little help.

In addition, meals that you cook yourself do not put too much strain on the often tight financial budget of students. And a welcome side effect are of course the sociable evenings where you can meet at the dining table and review everyday study life in Ireland with a glass of Guinness or cider.

Everyday Student Life in Ireland

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